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Wood of the Vicer Tree



Vicer tree's are native to The Forest of Cessation in the West Land's. This dense forest is known for being inhospitable for animal, man or beast. The vegetation rules over this domain. Though there are many in Leechwood who can identify the various carnivorous plants and determine how to best eradicate them, some species have been known to claim land like wildfire. Those who have the skill and bravery to traverse the Forest of Cessation, may be lucky enough to stumble upon a vicer tree. Also known as iron wood, the core wood of the vicer tree is said to be as strong as steel. Requiring a diamond tipped axe to be harvested, these tree's produce some of the rarest and most valuable wood in all of Volkyr. Reaching to heights of 100-150 ft, the canopy of the vicer tree is very similar to that of a pine. It is the amber colored bark and silver blue core wood that make this tree stand out amongst the other tree's around it.


The Bark of the Vicer Tree

The bark of the vicer tree has proven to be a beneficial ingredient. Unlike the core wood of the vicer tree, the bark of this tree crumbles easily in ones hand. When consumed raw, the bark has been known to improve libido. When ground up and smoked, it can produce a mild euphoric sensation.


Vicer Wood Use's:


Vicer wood is extremely difficult to work with, and as such, there are only a few craftsman who are skilled with this material. All three of these craftsman can be found in, or just outside, Leechwood. Once properly processed, the following benefits can be expected from items crafted from vicer wood;


This material is as strong as steel but is lighter to carry. Items crafted with vicer wood cost 150 gp more than the item would cost if made from another material.



This material can be crafted into Medium or Heavy Armor, but not Hide. If the armor would normally impose disadvantage on Dexterity (Stealth) checks, or has a strength requirement, the vicer version of the armor does not. This material offers a +1 to the AC of the normal version of the armor.



An item made from vicer weighs 25% less than the same item made from Steel. Vicer wood can not be crafted into items that deal slashing damage. Weapons crafted from this material grant a +1 to attack and damage rolls.


Diamante's Logging Company

Diamante Ji owner of Leechwood's largest logging company. Though most of their inventory is comprised of Beech, Oak and Pin wood, they are able to obtain roughly 1-2 Vicer Tree's a month. With an increasing number of settlements across Volkyr learning of this rare materials existence, its value is increasing and availability decreasing. A full vicer tree is valued at 15,000 gold.


Tippen's Tap


Kasser Tippen, a local Leechwood brewer, had been experimenting with the bark of the vicer tree for nearly a decade before he was able to produce the delicious beer that he was call Steel Nector. Kasser Tippen's exact recipe is a close held secret, but it is widely known that the heating of the bark to an exact temperature, followed by the fermentation process, is integral in the quality of the liquid produced. Only Kasser Tippen has discovered what that temperature is, and he has the scars to show for all the times his attempts went poorly.


Steel Nector

Steel Nector, is a delicious amber mead which grants the consumer a +1 to all constitution checks and saving throws for the next 3 hours. Consumer must have consumed a pint of Steel Nector to receive these benefits.


10 Things I Hate About Yew

Douglas Fir, though not a hater of yew, has 10 distinct reasons why vicer wood is better then yew, for just about everything. Though nothing will be able to replace yew when crafting a long bow, there is no better wood for causing bludgeoning damage then vicer. Douglas Fir is considered the leading carpenter of vicer wood in all of Wonder, and those looking to learn the trade will find no better teacher then he.


Wood, You'd Rather...

Matteo Mahogany is the founder and operator of Wood, You'd Rather... Specializing in Long Bow's, Mahogany mostly deals with yew wood. After the death of a distant relative, he was left a large sum of money and began studying under Douglas Fir, a renowned vicer craftsman. He is quickly earning a name for himself as a skilled vicer wood carpenter, though most of his vicer collection is comprised of clubs, hammers and quarterstaffs.


The Armored Cask

Karazi the Iron-willed is the half-orc owner of this establishment. Specializing in armor and armored containers, Karazi has mastered the medium of vicer wood and is the leading seller of Vicer Wood armor. A novice brewer, Karazi is almost always drunk and often willing to share some of her homemade brew.

Diamante's Logging Company

Wood, You'd Rather

10 Things I Hate About Yew

Tippen's Tap

The Armored Cask

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