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Diamante's Logging Company


  Diamante Ji may be shorter then most humans, but her calculated strikes rival those of a half-orc barbarian. Diamante is welcoming to those who yearn for knowledge or product, but she does not suffer fools. The largest supplier of wood in all of the West Lands, Diamante knows her worth, and the quality of those who work with her. No stranger to hard times, it is known to locals that a deal can always be made with Diamante, no matter how desperate the individual.  

Appearance of Establishment

The large mill that houses Diamante's Logging Company is the largest buildings in all of Leechwood. Only the Jarl's longhouse, which is ever expanding, threatens to overtake Diamante's for largest square footage. But they have a few thousand square feet left to expand to rival the footage of Diamante's Logging Company warehouse. Diamante's is comprised of three different buildings;  

The Main Office is the point of contact between Diamante's workers and potential customers. The building serves as a model for the work that her employees can produce. It is comprised of a variety of woods; ash, cherry, oak, birch, etc. The windows and doors are engraved with depictions of the Forest of Cessations Wilderness and the Diamante's Logging Company naming stands out amongst the alternating woods panels; the inlayed vicer wood shimmering like an iced over lake.


The Warehouse is impressive for its size, but not the most appealing building to look at. A patchwork of weathered wood and reinforced metal plating, the inside of the building is much more pleasing then the exterior. The smell of freshly cut wood permeates most of the property, but is strongest in the warehouse. Aisles of raw and processed woods fill this building, and only serious buyers are permitted entrance. Though the Warehouse keeps track of their work accidents, more days pass with incidents, than without.


The Workshop is full of open windows and doors, allowing the craftsmen inside a reprieve from the continuous fog of sawdust. Alder Primrose is the head foreman of the Workshop, he is a tall dragonborn with silver and blue scales. The artisans and craftsman who work in the workshop are skilled in the art of custom engraving and wood carving. Their work usually consists of construction detail work and they have little training in furniture and/or weapon production



Species Cost per cubic foot Cost per board foot Raw Tree Trunk (Prices will vary by size of tree)
Cypress 50 gp 4 gp 2500 gp (about 50 ft)
Douglas fir 15 gp 1 gp 5 sp 1050 gp (about 60 ft)
Alder (red) 56 gp 5 gp 5040 gp (about 90 ft)
Ash 45 gp 3 gp 5 sp 4500 gp (about 100 ft)
Cherry 84 gp 7 gp 2940 gp (about 35 ft)
Hard Maple 57 gp 5 gp 4560 gp (about 80 ft)
Hickory 62 gp 5 gp 9 sp 4960 gp (about 80 ft)
Ipe 205 gp 17 gp 28700 gp (about 140 ft)
Poplar 32 gp 2 gp 6 sp 4160 gp (about 135 ft)
Red Oak 55 gp 4 gp 5 sp 3575 gp (about 65 ft)
Walnut 126 gp 10 gp 9450 gp (about 75 ft)
Yellow Birch 65 gp 6 gp 4550 gp (about 70 ft)
Vicer 335 gp n/a 50000 gp (about 149 ft)

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