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WorldEmber 2021 Reading Challenge and Ethnicity Shortlist

You pick the winner!

I had the honor of sponsoring the Ethnicity Special Category for WorldEmber 2021 this year and I'm listing the articles that made my short list to bring attention to them and to get my submission for the Reading Challenge done at the same time.

Comment who you think should win the prize from the shortlist below and the article with the most comments wins!

I also want to show off the prize I'm giving away, a copy of "The Islands of Sina Una" a 5E sourcebook on pre-colonial Philippine culture and mythology. It's an incredibly well researched scholoarly document, as well as a fun read, and a deep dive into Filipino culture. I'm diasporic Filipino, living in the USA, and I've learned so much from reading this book. It's my favorite thing that came out last year.

I've made a real effort to bring a lot of the lore in this book into my own campaign, "The World of Wizard's Peak", but from my own perspective as both an outsider and an insider. I heard some of the stories and about most of the monsters growing up, but I didn't live with them like my "kababayans" did back in Philippine Islands. I hope you guys give it a look, it's well worth a look.

The Shortlist


Ethnicity | Dec 17, 2022

The adaptable people from the island of Thaur, previously known as the Merthiornite

The pleasure loving Thaurians are 4-gendered furry folk who love philosophy and resolving conflict with rap battles. Interesting, well written, and detailed, as usual Naelin delivers the goods.

Engi Gheni

Engi Gheni
Ethnicity | Dec 23, 2021

The Engi are cat folk who's ancestors were once elves. Now they travel in wagons pulled by wooly rhinos or dinosaur pack animals. Lots of interesting details from Dazzlinkat on their society and mating habits!

Underhaven Remnants

Underhaven Remnants
Ethnicity | Aug 24, 2023

Under Owner of Underhaven's careful guidance, life for an Underhaven Remnant has none of the strife of Remnants on the surface of the planet. They live as pampered and mostly carefree beings, addicted to pleasure and amused by the smallest of things.

A hedonistic people who seem both innocent and lusty at the same time. This SFW article is based in an NSFS world, so be careful with the links! Great work as usual from DaniAdventures.


Ethnicity | Jun 18, 2023

Munchkins are an ethnic group of halflings known for their love of country—and how hard they’ll fight to protect what’s theirs.

This article from E. Christopher Clark is short but strong, much like the munchkins themselves. This flavorful article quickly lays out their history and habits. Unlike a halfling meal, there's not a lot of fat here. But it tastes great!


Ethnicity | Dec 9, 2021

Not one drop of the Veil circulates through these veins

These technomancers and cybors value the purity of their souls, but have no regard for their mortal bodies. Lots of cool concepts here.


Ethnicity | Feb 2, 2022

An interesting take on pacifist plant people who live solely on photosynthesis. The author really gets into the minutiae of their lives and society.

The Deniers

Ethnicity | Dec 25, 2021

People thinking the current situation is a conspiracy of the Owners, usually with the goal of making money off controlling the habitat.

If you've seen the movie "Don't Look Up" (or if you've simply lived through a global pandemic), you'll know the Deniers. With the actual end of the world slowly creeping up, the Deniers refuse to prepare for a "made up" disaster. Then when it comes, they feel entitled to the same protections as those who prepared. Good article but a little too close to reality!


Ethnicity | Jan 4, 2022

Another short article, this time about dwarves. It has a great informative opening. This one focuses on dwarven social classes and how hair and beard styles set them apart. Good stuff here from Sh4d0wPh03n1x.


Ethnicity | Dec 3, 2021

Superstitious humans, often accused of being 'devil worshipers'.

A comprehensive article with lots of information on a society of superstitious devil worshippers. It could use an edit and reorganization, but it includes lots of great details and information about a bloody, violent people who aren't actually that evil.


Ethnicity | Oct 1, 2022

A well thought out article about a society of changelings hiding in plain sight. The author really thinks about what it means to be able to change your appearance at will. How would that affect tattoos, scars, or other body modifications?

Wood Elf

Wood Elf
Ethnicity | Nov 14, 2022

I liked the descriptions of living architecture, buildings slowly grown from trees, included in this article. Also the closing quote made me laugh out loud!

The Prize

Cover of "The Islands of Sina Una"
"The Islands of Sina Una", a hardcover campaign book for 5E that draws from precolonial mythology and culture of the Philippines.
WorldEmber 2021 Hub & Pledge Document
Generic article | Nov 28, 2022

WorldEmber 2021 Hub & Pledge

Cover image: WorldEmber 2021 Hub by Ch


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Sage eccbooks
E. Christopher Clark
14 Jan, 2022 01:24

Since it would probably be uncouth to vote for myself, I'll throw a vote towards Engi Gheni. But thank you so much for including me on the shortlist.

14 Jan, 2022 02:07

Thanx for adding me to the shortlist! I promise not to vote for myself! I must say they are all cool articles! I am torn between fynrkin, munchkin, and vaiho. Still, the fyrnkin is the most original so I guess that one gets my vote if it counts. I dont envy you the choosing!

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is my new historical fantasy world!
14 Jan, 2022 07:48

I'd take Fyrnkiin as the general concept is most creative.

The world is not enough.
14 Jan, 2022 08:46

Difficult to pick a favorite, many great ones here. But I think I am going with Irrean because of how much I liked the related article of the Dwarven Twists.

Feel free to check out my Orena 'Raitin Bane' page and my new world Terra Occidentalis if you want to see what I am up to!
14 Jan, 2022 22:03
14 Jan, 2022 12:14

This is a tough choice.   I think I vote Thaurian. It has a lot there which grabbed me the hardest. But ... this was a REAL tough choice!

14 Jan, 2022 15:36

All of these are awesome articles, but I had the most fun reading about the Irreans, so they get my vote!

14 Jan, 2022 22:03
14 Jan, 2022 21:35

Thanks so much for selecting me in the shortlist! Of course, I cannot vote for myself because that's just wrong. It's really a tough crowd, but if I had to pick I think I'd go for the Vaiho. Love their shapeshifting abilities. ^^

14 Jan, 2022 22:05

Sh4d0wPh03n1x with the irrean story :D

15 Jan, 2022 01:51

This was a tight decision, and I see why you left it up to community vote! I'm going to go with the Munchkins in the end, however. I think it's a really interesting take on both halflings, and on a classic of literature that I loved (and I read *all* the novels, not just Wizard) that remains true to the familiar creatures we know and love. I think it's very creative.

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Sage eccbooks
E. Christopher Clark
15 Jan, 2022 01:54

Thanks for the support, Sable! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

22 Jan, 2022 21:04

Such a great list of articles. I really don't envy you the choice! :D   That source book looks sooo interesting. Someone's going to be really lucky to win that!

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
8 Feb, 2022 10:47

Thank you so much for making it to your shortlist ^^ I am glad you enjoyed my concept of Purists.   Also congratulations to Sh4d0wPh03n1x, great choice :3

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