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At the heart of the empire Vallahir stand the Irreans. It is a society of dwarfs that formed in the capital Dunfaern. During the Rise of the Empire, the Irreans spread to all corners of the dwarfish lands taking their culture along with them.  

Social Status

Main Article: The Dwarven Twists

Irreans have an unusual classing system to determine the social class of fellow dwarfs. They base it of the elaborateness of the beard for the men and the hair for the ladies. People determine the extravagance, and thus social class, on three primary factors: length, braiding, and decoration. Based on these factors, a dwarf can be put in three main classes: working, middle, and high class.   There are a few social classes that do not regard the beard or hair. These are the traveller, outcast, imperial, and Akorani classes. Especially the Akorani class differs from the others, as some branches of Te Akoranga require their people to be cleanly shaven or have a specific style of (facial) hair.   To accomodate this system, the gromming industry has grown significantly over the past couple thousand years. Beard groomer has become a proper profession that takes years to master. Beard and hair wigs and toupees are available for those eligible, which has boosted breeding the Suparo Nanduri and its corresponding processing production.   In the big cities, where Irrean presence is most influential, dwarfs frown upon females who keep their beards. However, in some old Dwarfish clans, like the Silverheart clan, they consider females proudly boasting their beards as powerful, since they show true determination and no fear for social pressure.
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Amazing! Love the blacksmith quote, the first dwarves my players encountered were beardless blacksmiths for the same reason, much to their suprise. Also, how to they fasten/ put on the beardwig? And lastly, just so that you are aware - the table of contents bar covers the side of the text on the phone.

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Why are female dwarves not also ranked by their beard? Do they not have any, or are they just less important to them?

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Ah, looks like I did forget something! I was meaning to include it but to give a quick explanation already: for females the same principle applies but for their head hair. Some dwarfs regard facial hair on female dwarfs a disgrace while in some clans she will be judged the same as any other man.

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