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Fyrnkiin use photosynthesis to survive, showing respect to the flora and fauna of Birtham. When it comes to harvesting plants Fyrnkiin do so in the least harmful way possible, always taking the time to use their energy to regrow a sprout in its place. They will only ever use what is required in order to mix remedies and potions to aid themselves, or others in need.
The Fyrnkiin are found in dense woods and heavily forested areas, only emerging for trade or on occasion to seek employment. They share a unique connection to the Edenkiin through both the protection provided by Terrans walls and their shared religious views regarding the Path of Natura. Because of this, they feel a moral obligation to respond to the call should their kingdom Terran ever be endangered, causing most to join in an effort to protect it from harm.

Fyrnkiin are well known among the many races as those who bend the plants to their will. Most have a fibrous extension protruding from their shoulders which they call their Vynlimbs.
Vynlimbs are vines that grow out from the shoulders where an Edenkiin Terranians shoubouls would be, which spiral down their arms and root into their wrists. Experienced Fyrnkiin are able to detach these Vynlimbs at the wrist and grow them out in order to swing from trees and reach for things at a distance, some have even grown thorns from their Vynlimbs.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Most common feminine Fyrnkiin names follow the Elemat rule of vowels holding prominence, however, there are a few unique exceptions to this rule. These are generally in tribute to geographical locations, flora, fauna or seasons.
Common Names Unique Names
Liloona, Petaali, Tatuuna, Orchiid, Wiloola, etc.. Sakoi, Fyrn, Flora, Petal, Sprig, Summra, etc..

Masculine names

Like the feminine Fyrnkiin names, most common masculine Fyrnkiin names follow the Elemat rule of vowels holding prominence, however, there are a few unique exceptions to this rule. These are generally in tribute to geographical locations, flora, fauna or seasons.
Common Names Unique Names
Fuung, Mooln, Michaal, Baanth, etc.. Pintu, Wintur, Autum, Thyorn, Mordu, Geode, etc..

Family names

Lotaifyrn, Myaama, Fyrniil, etc..


Major language groups and dialects

Common, Elemat, Terrania

Culture and cultural heritage

The cultural heritage of the Fyrnkiin arose when it was discovered that they were some of the first benders to adapt into Elematiis. This fact is widely disputed by many races, but it is speculated that most of the first Gifted Children were lumberjacks who reported that no matter the direction they cut down the trees, they always fell away from them.

Shared customary codes and values

Fyrnkiin respect the flora and fauna of Eden, often feeling sad or upset when seeing nature mistreated. There are many Fyrnkiin that may intervein if they believe unnecessary harm is befalling a creature of Natura, even resorting to force if needed.
On average they are a more personal type of Terranian, often keeping away from strangers, but once they get to know someone they can be very generous considering they know how to actively grow whatever they need to not only survive, but thrive.

Common Dress code

Most of them wear very light and airy clothing, a majority of this being between a range of leaves and flowers they grow off a small article of clothing (like a vine belt, or tree bark bracers), but some prefer outfits made from smaller flexible tree branches entwined together which wraps around them.
No matter the preference Fyrnkiin never wear attire that covers their arms, or restricts their Vynlimbs. Much like the other Terranians, you will rarely see a Fyrnkiin wearing shoes or grieves.

Art & Architecture

The focus of their arts derives from the finite nature in most Fyrnkiin works, this being due to the fact that they create living art. Once the art piece is sold it begins to die.
The Fyrnkiin normally use fallen or living trees as a base for their arts, often growing new and unique plants from knotholes and cracks within the trees bark.

Funerary and Memorial customs

The Fyrnkiin release their pollen in unison as they bury their dead no more than 3-feet underground. Then together they overgrow the corpse so that it is reclaimed by Edens grounds.

Common Taboos

  • Causing unnecessary harm to plants or beasts.
  • Cutting the Vynlimb of another Fyrnkiin.
  • Grafting on an unwilling Fyrnkiin.
  • Placing their dead in Terrans wall.
  • Consuming plant, or meat matter.

Historical figures

Petunia Peyton - Said to be a Saint of Myamya who rode a rainbow to the Son in order to save the seasons after the fall of Myamya.
Autum Petaalin - A famous Alchemist who cured the effects of the Maddening Miasma.
Ildreed Miluuka - Said to be a Saint of Irde who stole his seed and fell apart into a circle shaped cluster of fungi. These strange mushrooms formations are referenced as modern Fae circles.
Beuund Greent - A Sailor turned pirate when his crew turned on him with the tides, he is said to have grown his ship from Corpus trees.
Thyorn Myaama - Said to be one of the first Fyrnkiin and cofounder of Terran.
Sakoi Evetiin - Said to be a Saint of Irde, a pure soul who died in order to convert her life-force into a dying Eden who was poisoned by something called Nile.
Birtham Briind - He supposedly traveled to the underworld and back to gift the Final Flower to his dying wife so he could meet her in Elysium fields.
Iin Grundlen - He named his child after Irde, the god of Natura. Irde was offended and arrived in person to brawl with him, he lost and was turned into a tree.
Irde/Irdom Grundlen - Was approached by Irde when of decent age and happily changed his name to Irdom. He was granted land blessed by Irde located in the Forest of Silence.


Beauty Ideals

The females like to grow their hair out long, braiding flowers and plants into it. Sometimes, they even get good enough at plant bending to graft and grow them out of their own heads. Both genders enjoy grafting small samples of existing flora into their Vynlimbs, in an attempt to grow new plants off of themselves as body ornaments and natural perfumes.

Gender Ideals

Females are commonly known to be the ones mixing potions and alchemical concoctions as they are generally precise, having well honed instincts about what should and should not be mixed.
The males are generally the ones out braving the wild forests of Birtham in search of new flora to use in their herbal practices. They fair with their heightened survival abilities, using this natural talent to find the rarest of specimens.

Courtship Ideals

When it comes to a Fyrnkiin relationship either gender initiates the courting process by offering the chosen man or maiden a sample one of their own bodily flora specimens, however, the process only continues if the chosen prospect is willing, or able to grow the grafted plant into their Vynlimb and this is where the dangers of wrongful courtship emerge. If the chosen prospect grafts the flora specimen into their skin there is three most likely outcomes, which are as defined below.
  1. The first outcome is a perfect match, where the grafted plant not only sets, but thrives. To the Fyrnkiin this means that the pair are a perfect physical match and may continue the courting process with little to no concern.
  2. The second outcome is that the grafted sample dies and must be removed from the skin before causing infection. To the Fyrnkiin this means that the pair are incompatible and to seek their partner elsewhere.
  3. The third and final potential outcome is if the grafted sample immediately rots, this almost always causes some from of sickness. To the Fyrnkiin this means that not only are the pair incompatible, but they are toxic to one another and should not pursue the relationship any further.

Relationship Ideals

Of the Fyrnkiin both males and females are fairly charismatic people, using their natural pollen as a sort of aphrodisiac to make those around them feel good. Because of this they are considered attractive by many differing races and this causes the males, who can be somewhat territorial in nature, to be slightly overprotective of their mates once chosen.
Each partner in the couple is regarded as equal. They are to rightfully function as two parts of one entity that should actively be working to improve the overall joy of this new life, which each partner now shares.

Major organizations

They reside mostly in the woodlands of Valldite, in the kingdom Terran.
Parent ethnicities
Encompassed species
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