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Loch Ren

Loch Ren the largest body of water on the Continent of Renstrom. It is known to be the location The Ancient Turtle Dragon Ren makes their home some place in the depths of the Loch.  Some speculate that Ren knows the secret location of the Evocation Well of the Wells of Eternity.  The Loch is known for the vibrant Islands. The great fishing and the expedient travel when Ren allows it.


This body of water is in the center of the Continent of Renstrom and has two islands within its boundries.  The Isle of Ren and Isle of Thorn'Adan. The loch lies South of The Indigotion Mountains, East of Romation Mountains and its Valley of Giants, West of Pavian Mountains, and North of Everdine Forest.


Is vast many kinds of marine mammals and fish creatures live within the Loch.  The reason for the diversity is the Loch has rivers that connect it out to the sea.  These however are shallow rivers. Over time earth quakes have added more deeper rivers that have opened up the ecosystem to new and diverse creatures. The king of Loch is none other then the Turtle Dragon Ren.

Ecosystem Cycles

The ecosystem changes pending on the mating cycles of many different marine animals.  They tend to travel to the loch for its warm environment for laying of their eggs.

Localized Phenomena

Every morning the Loch gives off an eerie fog.  This fog is so dense that even those with dark vision have a hard time seeing threw it.  This fog lasts on the Loch for the first 2 hours of the day.  Some speculate that its Ren releasing his built up steam from his breath ability.

Natural Resources

Loch Ren has many types of Biomes for gathering Natural Resources pending on the part of the loch you are on.  Pending where you are you can consult the tables in Herbalism Rules for the different type of herbs. You can also consult the tables in Minerals Gems/Ores & Smelting Rules for the different types of gems and ore found in the Loch.


People would normally travel the Loch Ren just to get to Isle of Thorn'Adan to attend the Academy of Thorn'Adan. Some come to the Loch to give offerings to Ren.  These people are usually part of Royals of Ren. When the Royals of Ren travel to the Loch they tend to bring chaos.
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