Astoria Sept

The Garou were able to secure the lands around the Astoria Sept after the decommissioning of Fort Stevens in 1947, and successfully reawakened the totem of the sept on January 9th, 1949. The Garou further protected the sept lands by having the area designated a State Park in 1975. Since establishing a sept and reawakening the slumbering totem, Salmon, the competing interests of the capitalist humans with their great container ships and commercial fishing and the Garou have left the penumbral region of the sept has been in an unstable state.   After the failed Assault of the Portland Sept , the already small sept was reduced to one Garou, Mackenzie Wavebreaker . Mackenzie has tended the sept, alone, for the past five years. There are some Kinfolk in the Portland area that come out and help with resupply and sept maintenance, but it's largely left to Mackenzie.


Because of the proximity of mortal humans, there are no physical buildings for the sept, only a few underground supply caches. In the penumbra, there are a handful of simple lean-tos, and some chests for storage. The caern which is home to Salmon is located about a mile off the coast.
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Astoria Sept
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