Hood River Sept

Hidden in the woods outside of town to the west, this minor caern has been dwindling in power, but still serves as the base of the Hood River Sept.  Founded in 1922 by Octavia Ward , it wasn't until two years later that On-Gop was awakened from slumber and the caern was opened.  Ocativa and her direct descendants are very important figures in the history and future of the sept.


Rolling hills and meadowland surrounding woods further into the foothills of Mount Hood.
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  • Hood River Sept - Buildings
    The cabins, caravan, and forge where the Garou make their home, just outside the caern.
Forest, Temperate (Seasonal)
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  • 1922

    28 /11

    Hood River Sept is Founded

    The Hood River Sept is founded and a small cabin is built.

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    Hood River Sept
  • 1924

    1 /5

    On-Gop is Awakened

    A new sept was founded around the awakened caern of On-Gop, just outside of burgeoning Hood River, OR.

    Hood River Sept
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  • 1964

    2 /3

    The Main Lodge is Built
    Construction beginning/end

    Theodore Ward and Emilio Cloudfoot led the construction efforts of a new, multifloor douglas fir lodge to house more at the Sept.

    The Main Lodge
  • 1968

    2 /4

    Octavia Ward Dies
    Life, Death

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    Octavia Ward
  • 1969

    21 /1

    Emilio Cloudfood become Sept Elder
    Political event

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    Emilio Cloudfoot
  • 1998

    13 /7

    Emilio Cloudfoot Dies
    Life, Death

    The leader of the Hood River Sept was killed by Black Spiral Dancers while on a hunt.

  • 1999

    21 /6

    Sophia becomes Sept Elder
    Political event

    In the year following Emilio's death in battle, Sophia took temporary control of the sept, formally accepting the role of sept elder at the leadership moot on the summer solstice.

  • 2014

    5 /10

    Assault of the Portland Sept
    Military action

    An assembly of five Silver Packs from three septs attempted to retake the Sept and cleanse the caern, but failed horribly. Only six of the twenty five survived and retreated to their home septs.

    Portland Sept
  • 2017

    15 /8

    Seti Seeks Aid
    Diplomatic action

    Seti, The Great Heart leaves the Hood River Sept after the failed The Assault of the Portland Sept and attempts to bring allies back to Hood River and Astoria from the Vancouver Sept .

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  • 2019

    13 /5

    13 /6

    Month of Awakening
    Metaphysical / Paranormal event

    Six new Garou in the Pacific Northwest underwent their change all within a week, an unprecedented number. All were drawn toward the Hood River Sept and brought into The Garou Nation by the remaining Garou there.

    Hood River Sept
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