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Hadleigh House

One of the original North Ladi tribes which settled Westerheim. Currently a major house of Chereladi and the hereditary family of Chereladian kings.


Hadleigh House is one of the high houses of Chereladi, ranking above the others due to their history of controlling the royal lineage. The head of Hadleigh House is the King or Queen of Chereladi, followed in importance by the Dukes of Grimm, Lightheart, and Eventide.


Hadleigh House controls the central area of Northern Chereladi from Grimm Castle in the East to the border with Varin House lands in the West. Their major controlled cities include Ornlat, Star Cliffs, and the territory of Grimm.
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Political, Family
Family Leader
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Peace; political marriage

King Geoffrey Hadleigh-Morgan married Princess Marina of Qense.

Allied by tradition

Traditionally, Varin House has sworn fealty to Hadleigh House. The current generation has been no exception, especially given that the Duchess-elect is married to the eldest Hadleigh.

Allied by political marriage

Somerled Crewe's daughter, Genevieve secured friendly relations with Hadleigh House by marrying General Prince Tristan in 629.

Peace; traditional

Traditionally, Fairfield House has allied with Hadleigh House. This remains the case with the current generation.

Peace; traditional

Trimble House has been loyal to the Hadleigh dynasty for many generations. Their family trees are entwined as far back as Queen Ashton.


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