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Hadleigh Castle

Hereditary home of Hadleigh House, royal residence and center of Chereladi's government.

Purpose / Function

Hadleigh Castle was originally constructed as a secret fortress during the early days of frontier settling in Northern Chereladi.


After the establishment of the Chereladi royal court in the late 1200s, Hadleigh Castle began a series of nearly continuous renovations until 1436. These renovations improved comfort and amenities, adding four royal receiving rooms, a royal court hall, extensive kitchens and servants quarters and upgraded salons and residence areas for royalty and courtiers. King Grayson Hadleigh's rein is seen as the beginning of civilized society in Westerheim, in spite of the royal courts present in Galavnaya and Pikae.
Founding Date
1215 AF
Alternative Names
Hadleigh House
Parent Location
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