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Chryssa Sil

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"Cheer up! I know the whole world is falling apart around us, but, it isn't all bad! We still have each other!"
Chryssa Sil is a girl from the Mountains of Sil in central Vreathe. Saya and Myles found her one day, crying over the body of a dead troll. Months later, after learning how to speak the common language of Eastern Vreathe, Chryssa explained that she came from a different land and was the last of her kind. There are no more golden humans left on Vreathe except for her.

Chryssa is being hunted by the Inakan Elves to fulfil a prophecy about capturing the last golden human, a prophecy about summoning the dark god Tazil and ending the world. Chryssa has been traveling with Saya, Myles, and Raini for the last seven years, and she has been pretty sucessful at evading capture, though as the Inakans press on in their efforts to conquer all human lands, her options for escape are rapidly shrinking.


Chryssa has always been cheery and optimistic, and very little has been able to change that. She has every right to be a hateful person and lose all hope, seeing as she is the last of her kind, almost everyone she knows is dead, and when she was younger she watched her mother give up on this world and fade into another plane of existence before her eyes. The sadness of these events have all been temporary though, and she remains optimistic that everything will turn out alright in the end.


Physical description

Even though she is from an entirely different race of humans, Chryssa doesn't look very different from ethnic Yurrians with her golden hair and green eyes, which is part of the reason she has been able to evade capture for so long. Where she differs is that her skin can't burn or tan even under the most intense sunlight. Her hair will gradually darken over time the less she is in the sun as if it requires light to keep its brilliance. Like many powerful spellcasters on Vreathe, her hair and eyes will glow when she uses magic.

Chryssa usually has her hair in a loose braid. She always wears light clothing and doesn't have a need for armor. When traveling she wears more fuctional clothes like boots, gloves, and pants, but when in town, she is always seen wearing a light dress of some kind and is often barefoot, even in the winter, as cold icy weather has about as little of an effect on her as intense summer heat does.
Full name: Chryssa Astraea Sil
Nickname: Cida
Race: Golden Human
Ethnicity: Unknown
Age: 18
Birthday: September 6th
Height: 5'6"
Gender: Female

  • Apprentice Apothecary (Ordland)
  • Master Apothecary (Lyonne, Galleska)
  • Children


    Silverfish, The Sword of Lunian Glace
    Legendary Sword - Silverfish.png
    Chryssa found this edgeless longsword in the Tomb of Lunian Glace. It is a Silver Age relic, the result of countless hours of magical research. The weapon has several enchantments that amplifies her already powerful magic. The actual name of the sword is lost to time, and was named the Silverfish due to a bet she made. There is one issue with the sword though, it drains mana rather quickly when used.

    Chryssa has collected many books about magic, spellcraft, and alchemy, from the Book of the Infernas, to Nivema's Tragedy, to the Little Book of Life. Chryssa's spellcrafting ability is mostly self taught from books like these. Her knowledge is still quite lacking in certain areas, but thanks to her much larger than normal Mana capacity and ability to create Aether, her control over magic is possibly greater than anyone else on Vreathe aside from Fairies and the Dragonfolk.
    Apothecary tools
    When Chryssa was young, Minu taught her the basics of creating healing salves and magic potions. When Crhyssa was 13, she became an apprentice apothecary in Orland, then mastered the craft a few years later in Galleska. She usually makes a small number of healing potions for the group on their travels, but when money is tight, she'll make them in bulk to sell in town.
    Glace Stones
    Chryssa found these Aethercite crystals in the Tomb of Lunian Glace. Created from the result of thousands of years of magical research, each of these crystals are enchanted with strange types of aether and each seems to produce a different effect depending on the type of mana the user charges them with. Chryssa has experimented with a few in the past, but there are so many combinations to go through, many of them dangerous, that she doesn't know every possible effect.

    Fireshot Pistol
    Fireshot muskets are a pretty common item on Vreathe seen alongside flintlock and wheellock muskets, but they use an aethercite crystal to fire. While the mechanism is technically magical, these guns are otherwise handled, cleaned, and loaded like other muzzle loading muskets. Chryssa often uses this as a last resort for when she starts running out of mana.



    Chryssa's Mother. Golden humans on Vreathe are immortal and to leave this plane of existence, they just simply have to will it. Aspasia did this when Chryssa was just three years old. Because of this, Chryssa doesn't remember her very well and isn't sure what she used to look like.


    Chryssa's Father. Just like Aspasia, Kostis left the world willingly, doing so just before Chryssa was born. Chryssa heard stories about him from the Olimian Trolls, how Kostis was alive countless years ago in the Golden Age of Vreathe. He endured numerous sorrows before he finally gave up.


    An Olimian Troll, and the only family Chryssa had for a long time. Minu was from one of the few tribes of Trolls that tolerated humans, and was friends with Aspasia and Kostis. After the two left Vreathe, Minu raised Chryssa as her own.

    When the Inakans swept over the Mountains of Sil and destroyed her village, looking for any golden humans that remained, she took Chryssa to the East of Vreathe. Minu later died as a result of hunters, who were looking for Feral Trolls but saw Minu as an easy target.


    Saya (Vyerin)

    These two have been close for years and have recently become romantic. Chryssa's cheeriness and optimism is the opposite of Saya's more recent gloomy attitude. Chryssa loves Saya, and that might be one of the only reasons she hasn't give up on Vreathe yet.
    Saya - Portrait.png


    Myles is a regular Iron Human with no magical ability at all. He and Chryssa have had many arguments over the years about magic and its usefulness.
    Chryssa considers Myles to be charming and a good friend, but she considers his realist points of views annoying.
    Thames - Portrait.png

    Raini (Sera)

    Raini joined the group a few months after Chryssa joined and they have been traveling together for years. Raini and Chryssa are able to relate to each other in many ways since the two are from lands completely foreign to eastern countries like Ordland and Cassel.
    Sera - Portrait.png

    "My friends...We've been through so much over the last seven years and have done so many things together...

    Hopefully I get to spend seventy more years with them!"


    Early Life

    Chryssa was born somewhere in the Mountains of Sil in the year 2974 I.A.. The day before her birth, her father Kostis gave up on living on Vreathe. He closed his eyes and faded into gold dust before disappearing completely. This left her mother Aspasia to raise her alone.

    Chryssa spent the first few years of her life in an empty stone village. There was once dozens of golden humans living here. Now there were just two. Occasionally a troll or elf or some other traveler would wander into the empty town, but that was about it. One troll visited more frequently than all others, named Minu. She was one of Aspasia's long time friends.

    The isolation was getting to Aspasia though. She spent many long years wandering Vreathe alone thinking she was the last golden human in existence before meeting Kostis and finding the stone village. But now, she felt she truly was the last one along with her daughter. When Chryssa was just 3 years old, she saw her mother sitting at the edge of the village, then saw her fade from existence to another world.

    Chryssa spent several days alone at the edge of the village, unsure why her mother wanted to leave. Minu then made one of her frequent visits to the village and found Chryssa alone. Deciding there was nothing else for her here, Minu took Chryssa to a nearby Troll Village.

    "I don't even remember what that Stone Village looked like. It was such a lonely place with just me and my mom. I do want to return someday, maybe I can find out why all the golden humans of the world left..."

    Escape from Sil

    Secluded Cottage.jpg
    When Chryssa was 6, the Troll Village was attacked by a legion of Inakan soldiers. Roughly half of the trolls living there were killed and the rest scattered. The reason the village was attacked was because of Chryssa, of rumors that a golden human was living there. Minu took Chryssa and traveled east across the mountains until she got to the open plains of Rinea. Chryssa would not be safe on the mainland, so Minu bought passage on a ship to Faeon.

    There she went into the woods to seek other of her kind, only to learn that most trolls of Faeon Went Feral long ago and were no longer civilized. The tolerated Minu's presence, but on more than one occasion tried attacking Chryssa. Minu took Chryssa away from the feral trolls and eventually found a secluded Glade in the forest. There she built a stone cabin and would raise Chryssa. The two would be safe from dangers plaguing the world for now.

    Minu's Death

    When Chryssa was 11, Troll Hunters were looking for Feral Trolls. They came across Chryssa and Minu. Minu refused to give them directions to kill others of her kind. The refusal turned into an argument, which then turned into the hunters seeing Minu as a Feral troll. They attacked and killed her in front of Chryssa. Chryssa in her rage and sorrow unleashed a firestorm that set the hunters ablaze, burning them beyond recognition, but left the surrounding woodlands untouched.

    Chryssa stayed by Minu's body for several days and cried, doing little else. She then heard two boys arguing with each other some distance away. At first she wanted to burn them too, but she went to investigate instead. A few hundred yards away, Vyerin and Myles had a camp set up and were cooking a rabbit. Vyerin and Myles did not understand a word Chryssa was saying, but assumed that a girl being this far out in the wild was lost and hungry.

    After Chryssa devoured the food Vyerin gave her, she left camp, realizing they weren't bad people. Vyerin and Myles followed her to Minu's body, as well as the charred remains of the hunters. Chryssa knelt infront of the troll and was silent for a while. Myles started making motions with his hands, trying to explain that they should bury the troll and get out of here. Chryssa eventually agreed and the three kids spent roughly a day digging a hole large enough to push the Troll in. They then marked the grave with a pile of stones. After that Chryssa started travelling with Vyerin and Myles.

    "After Minu died, all I did was cry and I didn't know what else to do. I am so glad Vyerin and Myles came along when they did. I might have left Vreathe myself if not for them! Vreathe isn't worth leaving yet..."

    Author's Note: Chryssa's history will continue in a future article with the following characters: Myles Pireson, Saya Diaz, and Raini Moontrace. The reason is that nearly all of the next eight years of their lives is spent traveling together, so it makes more sense to just write it all at once in a linked article. I might add a shorter summarized version here that is strictly about Chryssa later.


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    Her last name Sil just describes from where she is from, the Mountains of Sil. Her middle name Astraea is a reference to Greek/Roman Mythology, as the last immortal to leave Earth during the Iron Age. Which might be a little on the nose, but you know where the story is possibly going (If I ever write it...). I'm going to eventually remove Cida from existence and only use Chryssa for her name, but I don't know when that changeover will happen.   Also, writing a character with a similar name to mine just feels weird...

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