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"Is my sword named after a fish? No, no it isn't. I'll tell you how it got its name, but you better not laugh!

So after I found this sword, I wanted to give it a name. All my friends have weapons with cool names. Vyerin has the Aciam Fulgriff. Sera has the Shattered Sisters. Even Thames has the Elf-Piercer. I said I was going to use the next animal I saw to name my sword. Thames made a bet that I wouldn't, then after i agreed, he threw a bug in my face!

So, sword is named after a bug and--Hey! You said you wouldn't laugh!"



The Silverfish is a magic weapon that is carried by Cida Kitephone Cil. It is an elegant longsword with a wide base. It has no cutting edge and ends in a fine point. The blade is also engraved with various magical symbols. The grip is wrapped in fine brown leather.

The Weapon is primarily made of steel to stand against the rigors of physical combat, but also has a thick core made of silver. The blade is plated in Nickel and the magical engravings are exposed silver from the core. It is a rather ornate looking blade. The elements the weapon is constructed of do matter, as Silver will conduct and channel magic from the user, and Nickel is easy to manipulate with mana.



The Sword has several enchantments laid into the blade by means of the magical engravings. This is different from the usual method of charging the metals with a magic and stabilizing it with a crystal. Because of this, using the enchantments will drain the user's mana rather quickly.

The first enchantment, Conduit, will amplify magical attacks, especially that of Fire, Ice, and Lightning elements. It will make a human caster as strong as an Elf, an Elf as strong as a member of the Gold Race. So then what of a member of the Gold Race? In Cida's hands, the Silverfish is one of the most powerful weapons in the world and if not for how quickly it drains mana, could allow her to fight gods.

The Second enchantment, Lightning Rod, allows the Sword to be used to attract harmful magical spells and send it into the ground away from the people it was protecting. It is a great defensive enchantment. Cida has several creative uses for this, including overcharging the sword with life magic, and then creating a large field of healing magic that treated the wounds of anyone standing in it.

The Third enchantment, Knife Edge, was not used very often. It reforms the nickel plating and creates a cutting edge on either side of the blade. While it is supremely sharp, it is terrible for use against opponents wearing any kind of steel armor.

There was also one offensive spell loaded into the sword that causes the blade to expel the nickel plating into a fiery spray of molten metal. It will then bond to other metals it comes into contact with, melting that as well and causing it to explode outwards. When the spell wears off the nickel returns to its original location on the blade.



This sword is actually an artifact from the Silver Age of Man, constructed around a hundred thousand years ago. The Olimians of the silver age built many magic swords, but very few of them survived to the present times. Most are found in deep caverns or buried in the sands of the Olimian wastes, or another location where the elements cannot do great harm to the weapon.

Cida found this weapon in a Silver Age tomb belonging to the Mage Lunian Glace. The blade was found in a glass case, filled with gasses that perfectly preserved the blade for many thousands of years. The original name that Lunian Glace gave the sword was lost to time. The outside of the case was marked with the name, but all the characters making up the name were badly worn away except for one, the shape of a triangle: ∆.

Length: 46 inches
Weight: 42 ounces

  • Silver (Core)
  • Steel (Blade)
  • Nickel (Plating)
  • Leather (wrapping)

  • Enchantments
  • Conduit - Will Amplify certain magical elements channeled through the blade, specifically Fire, Lightning, and Ice Magic.
  • Lightning Rod - Can be thrust into the ground and used to attract all magical attacks in an area, preventing people in the immediate area from being struck.
  • Knife Edge - Can overload the Steel Blade with magic, causing it to heat up and temporarily create an effective cutting edge. Must be reformed after use.
  • "Easily one of the most pathetic creatures in all of existence. While they sometimes eat paper, Silverfish aren't noteworthy creatures. Like all insects, Silverfish were created by Shantet, the son of the elder gods Yanneth and Tarcur. Its original purpose was to eat leaves. Another of the elder god's children, Tonra, predicted that a Silverfish would be responsible for striking down creation. It is one of many predictions that would obviously never come to pass."
    - Salika's Guide to Animals of Vreathe
    "It could be worse I guess. Imagine if my awesome all-powerful legendary sword was named Fluffy Bunny!

    The enemy would literally laugh to death before I got to do anything! No wait, that actually sounds better! dammit this weapon name sucks....."
    - Cida


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