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Raini Moontrace

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"Everything about me is defined by that giant glowing ball in the night sky. I can never forget that and I won't!"
Raini is an Alluthian from the kingdom of Elam. She has been traveling with Saya, Chryssa, and Myles for the last eight year or so through various elven and human kingdoms of Eastern Vreathe. Alluthians in Eastern Vreathe are not rare, mainly seen near port cities, but those with the moontrace are almost unheard of. This causes everyone to take notice of Raini wherever she goes. She has the goal of returning to her homelands someday and changing it but for now is content to be traveling with her friends.


When Raini was young, she was taught to stay quiet, listen to men and elders, be dainty and respectful, accept things the way they were. This was the result of years of growing up under a woman named Nisaba, who was very strict with Raini, always worrying about how presentable she was to future suitors.

Since leaving that part of her life behind and after spending years with her friends, Raini is now a much louder more confident person, though still generally gentle and kind. She is outspoken and argues with everyone equally, especially when it comes to certain things.

Physical description

As an Alluthian, Raini is taller than the human of Eastern Vreathe, but still much shorter than the elves. She also tans easily so has darker skin than virtually anyone else in this part of the world. This contrasts against her white hair and bright aqua colored eyes which will glow when casting magic. Her hair will get dimmer and start to show its original color (dark brown) the longer she is out of the moonlight. During a New Moon, her hair and eyes are dimmest, and during a Full Moon, she glows.

Raini has dyed her hair many times in the past, but the moontrace burns away the dye after several days, with an instant effect the moment she casts any magic. Instead she often wears a hooded waterproof cloak.

The rest of her clothing is somewhat plain and expected of a traveler, normally a leather vest of some kind, as well as leather shoulders and gauntlets, boots and gloves. Raini wears much more feminine clothing when staying in town, preferring light, flowy clothes much more than the dull functional stuff she normally wears.
Full name: Sera Sitaari
Nickname: Raini Moontrace

Race: Iron Human
Ethnicity: Alluthian
Age: 19
Birthday: September 25th
Height: 5'9"
Gender: Female


The Moon Trace

Raini's white hair and aqua colored eyes are a marker of the moontrace, a genetic marker of her descendance from the Goddess Kalbeth. If Raini was the only living girl with the moontrace in existence, she would have become the Avatar of the Moon. She would have become the head of the church in Alluth and be worshipped for the rest of her life.

But, there's at least a dozen other girls with white hair spread across Vreathe. Anyone who isn't the avatar and living in Alluth is executed, so Raini was sent to Eastern Vreathe by her parents when she was very young, to the empire of Irellith where she would see a better life.

Because Raini has the moontrace, she is one of the only humans on Vreathe able to store Aether in her body, though this aether is specifically from the Greater Moon, which radiates it across the night sky. her magic is also marginally more powerful and appears very different, such as having blue flames from fire spells.



Shattered Sisters
Raini's former weapon. This weapon was set with four different crystals, one each containing the fragments of a different soul. This weapon would curse anyone who used it, but Raini was immune. When she was able to make contact with the souls within the sword and heard their story, Raini destroyed the sword and smashed the soul crystals.

Model 2914, Star Lilly
Wheellock Pistol.png
This strange 'springlock' pistol is of elven make and has an internal tube that can hold up to four paper cartridges containing powder and bullet, plus one in the chamber. It reloads by twisting a spring around a wheel, which also primes the weapon for firing. It has a quick reload speed but isn't rifled, so accuracy is poor past a few dozen yards. Multishot pistols are known outside elven countries, but also rather rare. Raini uses that to her advantage in a fight, tricking many into thinking she's out of ammo and defenseless.

Large Seashell
Back when Raini was a child, Myles gave her this large seashell. Back then it filled the palm of her hand. It is quite plain looking, being orange and yellow with a few chips and cracks. It was Raini's first possession and the first thing she ever held dear. She often holds it in her hands when he thinks others aren't looking.
Ki's Shard
This shard is from Raini's former weapon, the Shattered Sisters. This shard somehow found its way into Raini's possession and she decided to hold onto it. Ki's mind is still inside and will act on its own. Ki protects Raini and can turn into a large crystal shield in emergencies, absorbing almost any type of attack with ease.

Lunar blades
A pair of short swords. Technically they were forged as ceremonial weapons, used in the country of Rinea during harvest festivals, but they are made of weapon grade Gem Steel and are as deadly as any other sword. She bought them after she destroyed her previous sword.

The blades are enchanted to glow under the light of the moon, similar Raini's hair. While normally that would be the most the enchantment can do, because Raini has the moontrace, the blades can also channel Raini's magic.


Lunar Sisters

The six other girls Raini grew up with, all with the Moontrace. they range from four to eight years older than Raini. Though they were unrelated and were from vastly different Alluthian kingdoms they loved each other as sisters. It was always a sad day when one of them left, almost always because they were marrying an Elven Lord in Eastern Vreathe.

All seven of the sisters made a promise with each other that they would meet each other again in the Alluthian city of Qamari, on a day when those with the Moontrace can live in Alluth without persecution.

"I still haven't forgotten the promises we made!"



Myles usually calls Raini by her real name Sera, which annoys her to no end. Myles has confessed his feelings for Raini multiple times, but Raini always gets angry and declines to return the feeling, not because she hates him, but because of how the first half of her life went.
Thames - Portrait.png

Saya (Vyerin)

Raini never understood why Saya is so reluctant to return to North Cassel and retake the crown, as things don't change by sulking in self hate. As Saya got worse, Raini has tried numerous times to get Saya to open up more, but like everyone else has had little success.
Saya - Portrait.png


Raini and Chryssa are able to relate to each other in many ways since the two are from lands completely foreign to Eastern Vreathe. Raini's knowledge of magic was very basic on the day she escaped and Chryssa has been teaching Raini more advanced spells for some time, helping her reach greater levels of power.
Cida - Portrait.png

"Saya may have been kind of sulky recently and Myles might always be annoying, but they're my best friends! And Chryssa is like a sister to me, every bit as much as Seren or Aisha or Jaleh! Until the day comes that I travel back to Alluth, I will do anything for them."


Author's Notes

Alluth is not the name for one country, but rather the name of an entire region of Central Vreathe. It has over a dozen individual kingdoms that are at relative peace, united by their widespread religion around the Moon Goddess. The cultures and people there are more or less based off of ancient cultures from North Africa to the Middle East to Central Asia.   For reference Raini is from a Persian-like kingdom while each of her sisters are from kingdoms that resemble Egypt (Zurah and Sana), Turkey (Aisha), Arabia (Jaleh and Kahina), and Mongolia (Seren). I am generally going to be referencing ancient pre-islamic cultures from these parts of the world.   This region isn't that important right now and it doesn't interact with Eastern Vreathe all that much, so I'm not likely to write much about it for some time. It will eventually be much more important and be the primary setting during a major portion of the story (if I ever write it...)

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