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Myles Pireson

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"I don't care if you say you don't need protecting. I'm always there for you, so shut up and let me help you!"
Myles is an Iron Human from a family of sailors and dockworkers. He spent his early life runing errands for his uncle on the docks of Lornar. Later on, he spent years traveling with Saya, Chryssa, and Raini through various countries in Northeastern Vreathe. Compared to them, Myles is kind of glad he isn't a wayward prince, the last member of his race, or a god in human form, all running from their fates in some way. He prefers being unimportant in the grand scheme of things, that way he can help them and just be a friend when they need one...usually an annoying friend in some way, but a good friend all the same.


Myles has always been somewhat of a straight talker. He is charming, honest, and annoying at the same time. He knows what people want to hear, especially his friends, so he almost always says the opposite. When in town, he leaves the talking to Saya or Chryssa, making it seem like he's the silent type, giving strangers an entirely different perception of him.

In a fight, Myles has this attitude about always protecting the girl. he has managed to save the female members of the group from injury or capture numerous times over the years, often getting himself injured in the process instead. This annoys Chryssa, Raini to no end, and recently Saya as well. From Myles' point of view, all of them rely on their magic way too much, which almost always gets them into trouble once the mana runs out.

Physical description

Myles is rather tall for an Iron human but still shorter than the vast majority of elves. Physically he is a bit stronger than most people on Vreathe because he is one of the few that lacks a Mana Lung. As many times as he has been injured in the past, he somehow only has a few scars. His blonde hair and brown eyes are a common feature of ethnic Yurrians, making him look rather ordinary.

Myles nearly always wears light armor of some kind, fit for travel. This armor consists of a chainmail shirt as well as steel plated spaulders, greaves. All of this is covered in multiple layers of oiled canvas to protect the metal and absorb magical attacks. He also has a waterproof red cloak.
Full name: Myles Pireson

Race: Iron Human
Ethnicity: Yurrian
Age: 19
Birthday: December 3rd
Height: 5'11"
Gender: Male

  • Licensed Bounty Hunter
  • "Master Archer" of the 1000th annual Archery competition of Lyonne
  • Children


    Elf Piercer
    Elf Piercer Header.png
    A laminated flatbow of extremely simple make. Made of multiple layers of oak of varying maturities to make the best use of the wood's properties, reinforced with an amethyst Aethercite core to make the bow stronger. The handle is made of drake hide and the string from twisted linen and silk. Despite its simple appearance, this unique bow was made by a Master Bowyer in Lyonne specifically for Myles, as a prize for winning an archery competition.

    Lion mk. 7
    This 'springlock' carbine is of elven make. It makes use of a torsion spring, attached to a small piece of flint that generates sparks when the hammer is pulled back and the trigger squeezed. This all happens internally compared to human made pistols that uses an external piece of flint and flashpan. The downside is that it is more prone to jamming without proper maintanence. The Lion mk. 7 uses paper cartridges that can easily ignite, containing the powder and bullet.

    The barrel of the carbine is rifled, so Myles uses it for when he needs to make precision shots, but the long reload times means he often uses it only once in a fight before switching to his bow.
    "So why am I normally equipped for range and I stand back to let Chryssa, Saya, and Raini do the sword swinging? Vreathe is a magical world filled with Mana and Aether. I would be a very dead man if I tried engaging half the things in melee combat that they have! I know my limits!"

    Aethercite gauntlet
    A plain looking leather glove with a diamond embedded in the center of the palm. Myles uses the stored mana of the crystal to cast magic, mainly to fortify his arrows or bullets. Unfortunately it only has a handful of charges so care must be taken with its use before the mana runs out.

    Myles doesn't have a Mana Lung unlike Raini, Saya, and Chryssa. His increased breathing capacity gives him great endurance, but he cannot store mana. He can still cast magic if he is in possession of an Aethercite Crystal. He still depends on Chryssa to charge it for him since he can't do it himself.


    A dockmaster in the Yurrian capital of Undein, and Myles's father. News and rumors in Yurrimkil always flow through the docks first, and this was where Peter heard about the King's plan to sacrifice large numbers of young Yurrians and where he made plans to oppose that plan.
    Bridget died when Myles was 4, so he doesn't remember her very well. Bridget was from a line of famous and powerful Inferno mages in Yurrimkil, which made it a little odd that Myles was born without the ability to store mana. Bridget died from a mysterious aether illness.

    A sailor for a Yurrian merchant ship, the Veracity, and Myles's older brother. When the decision was made to leave the country, it was Mark that took Myles across the sea to North Cassel, to the city of Lornar. Mark promised to check on his little brother periodically, but the Veracity never again made port in Lornar while Myles lived there.
    Captain Noe
    A seasoned ship captain of the Resolute, a fast moving brigantine ship, and a dockmaster of Lornar. Distantly related to Myles. Noe saw to it that Myles was well cared for, but also put him to work, having the boy run errands for him on the docks of Lornar.


    Saya (Vyerin)

    Myles and Saya met when they were about 8 years old. Since Saya's parents died, Myles has spent years consoling her, but Saya always changes the subject, and refuses to even tell Myles the full details of what happened that night. Myles has always referred to Saya as Vyerin no matter which form or identity they tried taking.
    Saya - Portrait.png


    Myles lives off of his own strength, using magic only for when he needs it. This is quite different from Chryssa, who uses magic for almost every aspect of her life. The two spend most of their time arguing over how useful or useless magic is, but they depend on each other for when one or the other is needed.
    Cida - Portrait.png

    Raini (Sera)

    Myles often refers to Raini by her real name, Sera. The two have been close for years now. Myles has confessed his feelings for her several times but Raini has yet to return the feeling, at least when she isn't drunk.
    Sera - Portrait.png
    "So...Saya is a descendant of Saint Nora and is the rightful ruler of Cassel, Sera has the Moontrace and is literally the Goddess Kalbeth in human form, and Chryssa is the last of the Golden Humans and has absurdly powerful magic. And then there's me, Myles, a plain guy from Yurrimkil, with no power, that just happens to be traveling with them..."


    Early Life

    Myles wa born in the year 2973 I.A., in Undein, the capital city of Yurrimkil. His father is Peter, a dockmaster, and his mother was Bridget, an inferno mage employed by the state. When Myles was 4, his mother died of a mysterious Aether Illness. It wasn't just her that died of this illness, many powerful and famous mages met a similar end over the last few years. Rumors flowed throughout the nation that the country's king was removing people with power that could oppose him.

    No one had even seen the king in years. He stayed in his castle, issuing orders and governing from the shadows. There were also rumors of soldiers coming to take children, who are then never heard from again. This was going on out in the country and hadn't reached the cities yet. When Peter heard rumors that the king was a vampire, he started investigating the rumors more closely, until he learned that the King was gathering children for some sort of vampiric ritual.

    Peter needed to get his son and any other child out of the country. He started a smuggling operation and most ship captains that made port in Undein were in on it. Over the next several years, various children were smuggled out of the country. Peter was blamed for this several times, but he always pointed out that his son was still in the country, at least for now.

    When Myles was 7, his day to leave Yurrimkil came. His older brother Mark took him aboard the Veracity, and within a few weeks, they were in the Barony of Marsan, in the city of Lornar. There Myles was handed over to a distantly related uncle named Noe. Mark promised to eventually return but never did.

    While I was living in Cassel, nearly everyone in Yurrimkil around my age was executed by the King, their blood dried and compressed into a single massive Bloodstone, creating an aethercite crystal large enough to summon the first vampire Lithane.

    At least, that's what I heard. I didn't live in the country anymore so it had nothing to do with me! I also heard a bunch of knights stopped this plan a few years ago, including Vyerin's older sister.

    In Cassel

    Noe put Myles to work, having the boy run errands for him. Some of these errands involved running notes to the Palace. There Myles met Vyerin and the two quickly became friends. Whenever Vyerin was bored of his studies as future king, he would find a way to escape the palace and end up at the docks. There he would often get into some sort of trouble and Myles would get him out of it.

    When Myles was 9, an Alluthian Bride Ship made port in Lornar. Vyerin snuck onboard to see who these Alluthian brides were, and Myles reluctantly followed. There, Myles met a girl named Raini, who had the Moon Trace. Myles snuck aboard the ship every day over the next week until the ship left port. He learned that the Alluthians aboard the ship were all to someday be in arranged marriages in the elven countries. Raini had fully accepted her fate, but Myles didn't understand what that meant. Before the ship left port, Myles gave Raini a large seashell as that was all he could find, but Raini kept the seashell and still has it.

    About two years later, a very pale looking Vyerin came to Myles, asking to get him out of Cassel. Vyerin never acted like this before, but Myles agreed anyways and took Vyerin to Noe. Noe agreed to take Vyerin on the next voyage to the country of Faeon. Sometime later Noe and Myles learned it was because the King and Queen of North Cassel were assassinated, shot down by arrows.

    "I spent almost five years at the docks of Lornar, running errands for Uncle Noe, getting to know and making connections with hundreds of people from all across Cassel. None of that helped me in Faeon!"

    Author's Note: Myles's history will continue in a future article with the following characters: Chryssa Sil, Saya Diaz, and Raini Moontrace. The reason is that nearly all of the next eight years of their lives is spent traveling together, so it makes more sense to just write it all at once in a linked article. I might add a shorter summarized version here that is strictly about Myles later.


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