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Frost Flint

Frost flint is a common stone found in the mountainous terrain of Ascor especially in the caves surrounding The Crossroads.  
Such a strange rock. I mean I thought it were just like any other flint just] white cause it were snowing outside. But when I used it, the sparks made blue flames and honestly felt more like a curse. The kindling set ablaze and the room went cold, all I wanted was to start a nice warm fire. Never make that mistake again I tell you.
— Un-named Servant of Salamar


It's simple rough textured appearance is similar to flint in appearance just with a white colour instead of black and in its raw form marbled with veins of blue instead of brown. When mined, the chunks of rock resemble an arrow head and little refinement is needed before selling. In Ascor the price of frost flint goes for 2 gold and 3 gold to include a steel. On the neighbouring continent of Cytal, the price for this stone can be as much as 10g.  


Similar to its black variant, when struck with a piece of steel sparks can be created to create frost flames. Blue and green flames which radiate a chill instead of heat. The frost flame it produces can be used the same as a normal fire, such as lighting a torch or encasing the flames inside an elemental bottle.   Character Prompt
A ranger in the forests of Cytal uses frost flint arrows and various ice based magical items to hunt down the biggest game they can possibly find, along with their artic fox familiar.
  It is also common in fuelling frozen forges, a unique type of forge which cools metal instead of heating. This makes the smithing process harder but results in a much stronger material. Blacksmiths across the kingdom of Shenaria have become masters in using frozen forges and producing the metallic alloy Crylun steel, a combination of steel and the raw metal of Crynese.   Due to its cooling abilities, frost flint is often included in mechanical contraptions to refrigerate rooms and keep food fresher for longer. Rumours spread across the kingdom of Maraleye, it is used in a frozen prison for Fire Alum and Ka-Ko-Rae.  
Potential Plot Hook: You are tasked by a shady organisation to light the forges of Drovvin with frost flint and watch the city turn to chaos when the fires freeze the metal. Then when no-one is watching, sneak into the vault of weapons and take back a very specific axe. You will be rewarded with 500g each if successful.
Settlement | Jul 1, 2024
The Crossroads
Geographic Location | Jun 2, 2024


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Jan 18, 2024 06:02

I hope that you get a chance to come back and explore this some more. There are so many intriguing questions just from what you have here.   What is a frozen forge, are only certain metals worked in them (maybe that is the lost knowledge to forging some other mythical material, like mythril or adamantine) or are they used as an alternative to oil/water quenching?   Could frost fire be used as a refrigerant alternative? are Frost Flint arrows more dangerous than regular flint arrows, or is it only in the making of a fire that the magical nature comes out?   A wonderful but brief bit of worldbuilding. Excellent work.

Updated soon.
Jan 18, 2024 12:14

Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment, glad you enjoyed it. So to answer your question, I'm planning to go back and update a lot of my articles and ideas like this are just perfect to help me think of new ideas. I'll make my way to this article for sure, hopefully in the not too distant future :)