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Moonlight Traders

The merchant guild known as the Moonlight Traders is a small group of sailors who crew the Marrian, captained by Captain Lindsay Everrit. The Moon Chasers, as they are also known, trade in any number of goods and services and have lawfully operated in Dagger Falls for just over 40 years. They are known in neighboring ports and have good standing among most of them.  


Lindsay Everrit is the captain and operator of the Moonlight Traders. The Traders are a merchant guild which which has legal authority to operate from the port of Dagger Falls. The guild consists of a handful of individuals, most who also serve as crew aboard Everrit's caraval named the Marrian. The membership of the guild has changed many times since its creation, but Captain Everrit has always been its owner and operator.

Public Agenda

To conduct guild business in a respectful and lawful way. To promote growth of trade throughout the Sea of Fallen Stars.


After a tragic accident at sea, the Marrian was destroyed and a number of the Moonlight Traders were killed in the explosion. A few members, Lindsay Everrit included, survived the sinking of the Marrian but never sailed again.

169 CR - 209 CR

Corporation, Commerce
Alternative Names
Moon Chasers, The Traders
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