Lindsay Everrit

Captain Lindsay Cole Everrit

Captain Lindsay Everrit was the captain of a caravel named The Marian and leader and founder of the Moonlight Traders organization. He has served in this role for 40 years. The sea is Everrit's second love; only his deceased wife can claim to be above. As leader of the Moonlight Traders, Lindsay Everrit has seen the small guild rise to a position of prominence and respect with the other seafaring organizations sailing the coast of Ironbank.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Everrit is physically fit for a man of his age. He is a hands-on captain and does his fair share of the work required to sail the Marrian successfully. He does have the odd flare up of arthritis from time to time, usually heralding a rain storm.


Family Ties

Lindsay Everrit is a widower. He wife, Marian, passed away in her late 20's to a mysterious illness and Everrit has remained single ever since. He has no children of his own, but was once close with a former crew member who he viewed as a daughter.

Religious Views

Lindsay Everrit has no religious views to speak of, but does mutter the name of the Storm Lord on rare occasion.

Social Aptitude

Lindsay Everrit fancies himself a gentleman of the sea. He believes in the old naval traditions but is far less rigid in its application. He is rarely short tempered, measured and does not succumb to outbursts; a quality he instills on those who sail under him. He is a proud but quiet man who is calculating and difficult to get the jump on. Many who see Everrit looking out over the rail of his ship wrongly assume he is lost in thought, when he is in fact planning his next series of moves. Everrit carries the weight of a true love lost, and it can be seen on his face from time to time. He does not speak of his Marian, save to his closest of confidants.

Wealth & Financial state

Captain Everrit has amassed a small fortune during the years in charge of the Moonlight Traders. Most of the money earned has gone back into keeping the Marian in top shape. Everrit has a family residence in Dagger Falls, the house where he and his wife dreamed of starting a family, and a small farm with some land near Oberdale. The farm is where he speaks of retiring to. But when that will be, who can say?
Lawful Neutral
Current Location
Year of Birth
149 AR 65 Years old
Dagger Falls
Current Residence
Long grey
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Owned Vehicles
Aligned Organization

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