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Jillian Tiggins

Jillian stands just over 3 1/2 feet in height but has enough personality to fill the shoes of someone double her size. She is slender and quite attractive, and filled with a wanderlust like many of her kin. Jillian is a talented musician and singer, with a bit of a mysterious past. She showed up on the docks of Paraanor with nothing but a handful of coin, a fiddle and a short blade one day with a story about her lifelong dream to be a sailor. Since then, Jillian has taken to the life of sailor but will be the first to admit that she dislikes brine, and close quarters.   She has an innate ability to manipulate the Weave on some small scale, utilizing this ability to keep herself free of salt water. As a matter of fact, her attire is usually clean and she takes great care to keep herself presentable. She is often asked why a feyheart would choose to wear footwear; after her first voyage she came away with sun burnt, salt caked feet. That was enough for her, she says with a smile.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Jillian is of slender frame and build and not physically strong but makes up for it in nimbleness. She is lithe and possesses great balance from a lifetime of performance and dance.

Body Features

Jillian has fair skin and auburn hair which rests in waves just over her shoulders.

Facial Features

Soft facial features with large green eyes. She wears a smile most times, which many have called infectious.

Special abilities

Jillian is able to prestidigitate, magically send secret messages over short distances, and conjure herself a pet otter out of magic.

Apparel & Accessories

Her typical style of dress is a white blouse under her leather bodice, which ends just below her waist. She wears black leather leggings and dark brown cuffed walking boots which tie off just below the knee. A myriad of small pouches adorn the belt around her waist. A short blade rest on her left hip, and an iron tankard on the right.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Jillian speaks little of her past other than a quick mention that she grew up in Drumlin Hill. When pressed, she will either try to change the subject or make up a tale regarding her early years before moving onto her journeys aboard the Marrian.

Intellectual Characteristics

Jillian is an accomplished violinist, using her knowledge of the fiddle learned from a gifted shipmate and her father. She is a quick thinker, glib of tongue and a creative problem solver.

Personality Characteristics

Vices & Personality flaws

Jillian gets bitter when she is not the center of attention in a social setting.


Jillian's attire is usually clean and she takes great care to always be presentable. She will go out of way to remain clean, and has given up work that would send her to locations when getting filthy was guaranteed. While a crew member of the Marrian, Jillian wore boots to avoid getting her feet dirty.


Family Ties

Though she doesn't speak of it often, Jillian has some family residing in Drumlin Hill. Two brothers, an uncle, and her mother.

Social Aptitude

Jillian is very charismatic and affable. As a young child she would perform in front of large crowds and still enjoys it to this day. She is quick to make friends and places a high value on those friendships, although at times she can get a little distant or come across as aloof. These are usually when she’s got something heavy weighing on her mind and not typical behavior.

Hobbies & Pets

Jillian has a pet otter that she has named Salt. Not an actual otter, Salt is actually a manifestation of magic.


Jillian speaks with a slight accent more commonly heard in eastern Lordimere.

Wealth & Financial state

Jillian doesn't have much to her name at this point in her life. She has the clothes on her back, a few trinkets from her childhood in Drumlin Hill, her violin and an iron tankard she says belonged to her father.
Chaotic Good
Current Location
Year of Birth
189 AR 25 Years old
Drumlin Hill
Parents (Adopting)
Current Residence
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
52 lbs.
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Andeiran, Ravosi , Halfling, Dwarvish, Goblin, Undercommon

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