During the mythical origins of Verridia, Isha, the deity of life, indulged in an age of unfettered creation. Many species sprang from her divine garden, but not all among them remained as she created them. Altered by the unbridled magic of Mystera and Ioun, some of the first halflings were transformed and given almost supernatural curiosity and fearlessness. These were the first Feyheart.  
I was just keeping it safe. You never know when someone might try to steal it.
— A typical feyheart response to thievery accusations.

Boundless Curiousity

All feyheart carry an air of innocence about them, and are often mistaken for young adult humans with pointed ears and diverse appearances. Despite their attenuate limbs, feyheart are well muscled. Most stand between 3' 2" and 3' 10" tall, although some few reach four feet. They usually weigh between 45 and 75 pounds. Feyheart have a supernatural curiosity that drives them to adventure. Due to this inquisitiveness, many feyheart find themselves branded as sneaks and thieves.   Although fair-skinned, feyheart tan quickly, becoming nut-brown by midsummer. Their eye color varies: pale blue, sea green, olive, light brown, and hazel. Typical feyheart faces bear the intense, bright-eyed inquisitiveness of children. Hair coloration ranges from sandy blonde to dark brown, with some coppery red or red-orange hues. Most feyheart prefer longer hair: braids, ponytails, knots and combed manes, which is often decorated by weaving colorful ribbons, feathers, beads, flowers, and other fanciful things up in it. Feyheart clothing varies a great deal, but all wear durable, rustic outfits. Bright natural colors and ribbons accent clothing. Males typically wear shirts, pants or breeches, laced leggings, and soft leather boots or sandales. Females wear a tunic or dress, pants, and soft leather shoes or laced sandals. The use of footware is what truly sets the feyheart apart from their kin.

Youthful Exuberance

Feyheart can live into their second century, but rarely beyond, always retaining their youthful flair for life. Adulthood begins around 20 years and old age sets in around one hundred fifty. As feyheart age, their faces retain a youthful appearance, save for a deepening network of lines and crow's feet. Their hair greys gently, often starting at the temples. Feyheart voices have a wide vocal range, enabling older individuals to perform impressive sound imitations; most can imitate bird and animal calls. When excited they tend to ramble or speak very quickly, or very loudly to make themselves heard.

Lust for Adventure

All feyheart halflings experience wanderlust; the fever which possesses young feyheart and causes them to travel the world over. They wander for years, settling down after they feel they have wandered down all the roads their heart desires. Wanderlust can last for up to one hundred years; though roughly every thirty years or so, for some unknown reason, a feyheart will feel the urge to return home and recount their experiences with their kin. This is call the Feyheart Moot and is one of the chief means of which feyheart impart their history and adventures to a younger generation.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Feyheart have two names. They have a name given at birth as well as a "chosen" name. The "chosen" feyheart name is more descriptive of their personality or exploits.   These names can be self-given or nicknames given by others. It is not uncommon for a feyheart to try and appropriate the name of some famous person just to inherit their reputation.   There have been cases where entire feyheart adventuring groups all used the same chosen name.
175 - 225
Average Height
3 ½ - 4 feet
Average Weight
45 - 75 lbs.


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