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Korevi Sarelias (ko-REHV-ee suh-RHEL-yus)

Written by UmbralGoat

You're even more annoying in person.
— Korevi to Uranus

  Korevi Sarelias is a once-famous composer from Dreska. He is well-known for his prodigious beginnings as a pianist and violist, having performed and composed numerous works in his early teenage years. After a great scandal, though, his reputation was irreparably soured, and losing whom he believed to be his soulmate has sent him on a path of obscurity in the modern day.   He suffers from an incredibly rare disease which attacks the Soul and withers it away; very few survive past birth, and he is one of the only living survivors into adulthood. This disease makes it nearly impossible to comfortably perform typical Soul Magic, which Korevi is especially hurt over because he at one point wished to study magic in depth.

He believes that music is all he has left in life, and as the effects of Soulrot continue to dominate his life, only made worse by his mental state, he fears he may even lose that. Korevi lives in a modest home for the wealthy, supported financially by his distant father and much-closer sister, in Evelia, the capital of Dreska. He lives alone, and will only leave to go to taverns, restaurants or shops.

His birthday is the day after Iþivalia...Of course I get him double the presents.
— Kara Sarelias, Korevi's sister about Korevi



Korevi is a tall, lithe goat Fælen. His fur is white with silver patterns across his arms and up his belly and chest; he has noticeable cheek-fluff. His hair is long and fluffy, often swished over to the side and hung past his shoulders.

His horns stick out rather tall above the fluff, curved inward to points; they are gray in color. His ears are long and floppy, also drooped over his shoulder.

He most often prefers to wear tops with removeable sleeves that expose his shoulders, his favorite being a lavendar one, with matching, loose bottoms. He also typically wears his long, soft-pink scarf around his neck, flaring out almost like a cape behind him.

He's a tough little thing... I've only ever seen two cases of Rot, and neither made it past the week.
— Sarelias family doctor to Vulgang



Korevi has always been a very bright person, even in the face of his condition, and he tries to be as outgoing as possible, keeping any negativity to himself. He is prone to flares in his Soulrot and nightmares. He often lets the troubles brought on by his condition consume him, but he knows it is best to confide in close friends.

Korevi does attempt to express himself through art, often illustrating certain dreams he remembers. It especially helps when communicating his troubles to friends, something he has gotten better at over the years. After so many years feeling rather isolated at home, he tries to have a good sense of humor over his life and the luck he's had.


With a decaying Soul, Korevi's magical abilities began inherently limited, and they are something he has expected to struggle with for the rest of his life. Nevertheless, he's held a deep fascination for magic and has always aspired to use fire magic in the same way his father showed him as a kid. It's unknown just how powerful Korevi's Soul Magic can really be, but his friends believe that if he were to take advantage of the Aresian language, he may be able to overcome his condition after all.

by lagito37
19 years
Date of Birth
27th of Nereivur, 1824 TC

Height / Weight
185 cm (6'0") / 68 kg
Cis male [He/Him]

Iþivis, Ignisora

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Dec 23, 2021 11:58

This is a very well written character article, good job! One question: "With a decaying Soul, Korevi's magical abilities began inherently limited, and they are something he has expected to struggle with for the rest of his life", does that mean he is not struggeling as much as he thought he would? Sounds like he has a lot of potential

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Jan 8, 2022 04:12

Thanks a bunch! ^w^ As for your question, he has more or less accepted the fact that if he ever tries anything beyond the very very basics of magic, it's unlikely he will be able to control it. You are right about his potential though, it is something that will be expanded upon later ;3

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Dec 25, 2021 23:42

I liked goat boy! He sounds like a very good person. Does the soulrot has an impact of the expectancy of how long he can live, or is it something that he can survive? I'm curious!! Very well written character :D

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Jan 8, 2022 04:15

Aw thanks <3 Soulrot only affects life expectancy with respect to however long it takes the Soul to wither away. It's generally accepted that once the Soul vanishes, the individual will die. However, Soullessness throws a bit of a wrench in that rule of thumb, and Korevi's case has been almost completely stagnated. That, of course, does not mean that he does not still suffer from the symptoms.

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Jan 4, 2022 11:02

I really like this character, although I do wish I get to learn more about their past. Right now the soulrot situation only gives me so much to visualise, as it seems to be mostly a mental thing? I guess I just want to learn more about him growing up, dealing with his condition and trying to find a way to live with it.   I would also maybe put the appearance first if that makes sense.   Beyond that, he sounds like a fun guy, I do feel bad for him though he has to deal with such a condition. Hope there is a way to cure it.

Jan 8, 2022 04:19

Thanks Endrise :3 I get what you mean and appearance first does make more sense, yeah. As for Soulrot, its effects are indeed mostly mental, and physical consequences of the Soul's degradation are secondary, mostly manifesting alongside Soulstrain. And as for Korevi's past, this is something I will be expanding upon, and I've already started hinting at some of his past with other character articles such as Kya Selethrin's.

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