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Ancient "Signant" Magic

Written by UmbralGoat

Ancient Magic is the more powerful class of magic above Soul Magic.
[Dragonminds] are a menace! They make nice with a beast and become one!
— Ithivian offical

  Dragonminds are those who master their skills in so-called Ancient Magic. Ancient Magic does not refer to magic practiced in ancient times; rather, it is a form of magic unlocked by those who successfully link with a dragon. One's dragon has the ability to channel their own powerful magic to the user, which typically manifests in a wholly unique ability for the user, called the Signant.

Gaining a Signant is the sign of a successful link and a symbol of the bond the user shares with their dragon. The "Dragonmind" monkire comes from the idea that one linked with a dragon thinks like a dragon.


For much of history, magic was considered taboo for mortals to practice; it was a gift from the Primeval Trinity meant only for dragons.

Even drælen, who viewed themselves as bridges between mortal and god, believed it was not their place to casually practice magic. It would only be done in special circumstances as a sign of respect to their ancestors.

As the world began its millennia-long repair following the end of the Dark Era, the Lord of Time showed great respect for the Fælen race, believing they deserved to share the world on equal footing with the common dragon races that repopulated the world after the Ancients. These dragons were still respected as higher beings by the Fælen out of respect for tradition, though it was much more common for relationships to be formed between dragons and individuals; this is how links, the bonding of a mortal's Soul with a dragon's, were discovered, and Signant abilities came to be.
As Jupiter took power and the Celestial Commonwealth was formed, though, Ancient Magic was heavily regulated and stigmatized in the public-eye, though linking with dragons was still very common. As Signants were outlawed from common practice, Saturn found this rather drastic and took offense to his son's legislation, but as the population grew, and more were coming to learn of magic's power, he understood the risks that it could bring. He is comforted in the fact that it is still practiced, though, even if beyond the limits of the law.

Magic Type
Heavily regulated

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