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The Primeval Trinity

The Trinity never cared for life, they merely started it. The rest was up to fate...
— Saturn

The Primeval Trinity were some of the oldest deities worshipped on Vernelis. They are said to be the ones who created life on Vernelis, and are still respected as deities in the modern day.

Ceriu was worshipped as the most important deity of the Trinity. As a gift to the Dragons, she created the sky through which they could soar. She would most commonly be prayed to for clear skies, and in hopes for good weather.
Nevlik was birthed from Ceriu shortly after she created the skies. Nevlik established rigid order in the world of the living. They declared the status of mortals is to be subservient to the divine, and that the Fælen and Humans alike should worship the Ancients in return for their grace and protection. Should they disobey the will of the divine, Nevlik would grant the dishonored deities with the immense power to destroy them.
Alset is the most controversial of the Trinity. He was born alongside Nevlik, leading some to believe that he embodied the opposite of Order: Chaos. Others simply refer to him as the god of Magic, though all three members of the Trinity were believed to be capable of performing magic, a power derived from the Suns' eternal dance in the sky.

The Statues

They realized, though, that as long as the world tempted them, fate would never truly take over. So they left this world.
— Saturn

Soon after their arrival and their creation of the mortal world, the Trinity grew wary of each others power. The war began between Ceriu's two children, and it quickly enveloped all three of them. Most lower mortals caught in the crossfires of their battle were simply killed, unable to withstand the immense magical power they handled. Dragons, however, were infused with the magic of the three gods, and their Souls adapted their abilities. These were the first Ancient Dragons.

The Ancients became pawns of the Gods and were used to do battle for them when they were exhausted. These battles could last for weeks, and they often resulted in stalemates, to which the Gods would be forced to fight for themselves.

After years of battling, the Gods realized their skirmishes were futile, and that they were equally matched. They decided their divine power must never be used again, and as a final gift to the Ancients, they allowed them to keep their magic. Their slumber turned their bodies to lead, forever sealing their forms in fragile balance of their power. For eons after, their bodies would be guarded by some of the eldest Ancient Dragons against any being (mortal or divine) who drew near their sacred location.

Death of the Trinity

With the Trinity untouched and dormant, it seemed that the world was finally allowed to grow on its own. Dragons kept watch over their territories, using magic to their advantage in everyday life but especially in hunting. Villages turned into cities, and Half-Dragons came to rule as a bridge between mortal and deity. In this later point in the Ancient Era, Half-Dragons were revered as royalty, and were almost always the ruling family of larger cities under the eye of Ancient Dragons, who were worshipped as local gods.

When the Dark Era came, though, this balance of life was thrown into chaos. It's said that the power of the Ancient's magic vanished in the face of a singular threat, who trampled all their lands and destroyed any mortal villages within their territory. Every civilization who caught word of the destruction could do nothing to truly protect themselves, especially if their Guardian were to fall. Cities were destroyed, villages crumbled, and the Ancients were slaughtered one by one. Even the land began to quake and tear apart, making travel and communication by letter difficult.

In the cosmology of the Celestials, the destruction of the Dark Era was brought on by Hesþilis, the brother of Saturn, who manifested as a true deity of the building corruption of the world and destroyed the Trinity's balanced resting place, completely harnessing their divine magic. It's said that in a mere month, much of the known world had been destroyed, and it was Saturn who would bring the world into the Era of Renewal.
Also known as:
The First Gods
The Creators
The Statues of the World
Reign Began:
At the creation of life
Reign Ended:
With the begin of The Dark Era

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