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Fælen (FAIL-en)

Written by UmbralGoat

The Fælen are the most advanced species on Vernelis, as well as the most diverse. They are anthropomorphic and extremely intelligent, possessing features that resemble that of a wide variety of creatures. From mammals to birds and even reptiles, their appearances can range extensively, and their biology allows for very interesting combinations of traits.


The anatomy of the Fælen depends greatly on subspecies, of which there are many possible options, but all Fælen generally share certain attributes. All Fælen are/have:

  • Bipedal
  • Two arms
  • Two legs
  • Opposable thumbs
  • Mentality

    Fælen are generally very social creatures and very compassionate.

    Reproduction & Genetics

    All Fælen are capable of breeding with other Fælen, no matter the subspecies. The offspring of a pairing will always take the appearance of one of the parents, but may inherit minor traits from either.

    For example, the offspring of a wolf and cheetah Fælen pairing may resemble the wolf parent, and inherit the eye-color of the cheetah parent.

    Sensory Perception

    The sensory capabilities of Fælen varies widely, like many traits, but most Fælen have exceptional eyesight and hearing, and from there, certain subspecies may have incredibly acute sensory perception.


    In the modern day, Fælen inhabit villages, towns and large cities all across Vernelis. Depending on the culture, they may reside in anything from very small homes to large manors.

    Est. 4,800,000,000
    Geographic Distribution
    Varies greatly; 80-320 years
    Average Height
    Varies greatly
    Average Weight
    Varies greatly

    Cover image: by Sebastian Wagner


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    May 4, 2022 15:40

    They seem interesting. I wonder how they existed at first place. Did they evolved like humans or created with magic?