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Humans (HYU-mens)

Written by UmbralGoat

Y'ever see a smoothskin? I grew up around 'em; they can be fun when they quit sulkin'
— Fælen Traveler

  A minority race of Vernelis, the Humans mostly inhabit the Southern continents in the modern day, and even then are pretty few when compared to the Fælen. They exhibit similar intelligence, but are still classified differently.

It's believed that before the Dark Era, Humans were much more prevalent; they may have been more numerous than even the Fælen.


Humans are bipedal and are very structurally similar to the Fælen, though their diversity in appearance is much more subtle. On average they are smaller, though similarly built.


Humans have a reputation for being very reclusive throughout history; in more recent centuries, their populations among Fælen have increased, though only marginally.

Sensory Perception / Magic

Humans display exceptional eyesight and hearing, though their senses degrade over their life much quicker than most Fælen.

Though they do have Souls, their nature is relatively unknown compared to Fælen; there have been no documented humans ever performing magic, and it is unknown if they are even capable.

Reproduction & Genetics

Offspring are not possible between Humans and Fælen.


Humans primarily form their own villages and towns, though they can frequently be found in Fælen cities as well. Human villages can be pretty exclusionary, and they typically do not appreciate Fælen visitors.

Geographic Distribution
Majority in Trynest and Euras; small populations all over the globe
Lifespan Average
80 years
Average Height
175 cm
Average Weight
70 kg

Cover image: by Sebastian Wagner


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