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Iþivalia (Ith-ih-VAHL-ee-ah)

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Revi's never been to one of the festivals??

Shocking, isn't it?

No... But now he's gotta come with us.
— Ludvig and Tala about Korevi

  Iþivalia is a holiday highly anticipated year-round by millions of families across Vernelis, and it is seen as a celebration of many things, meant to apply to anyone. It's seen as a time of togetherness, and is famously celebrated with gift-giving and visits from family and friends.

Taking place every Nereivur 26th across most countries under the Celestial Empire's rule, Iþivalia is also a celebration of the Invernal Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, and thus the coronation of Jupiter, the Grand Emperor.

The holiday is heralded by students receiving a two-week break and workers receiving an optional vacation, over which many begin to decorate their homes and workplaces.


Iþivalia's festivities are split into two sets of traditions. The first take place during the shortened hours of the day, while the second take advantage of the longest night of the year.

Day Time
Gift giving is a staple of Iþivalia celebration. Families hide their presents for loved ones around the home, and the mornings are spent searching for them. Each gift is collected in the main living area of the home, often under a Tree of Venus. The presents are not opened until everyone has found every one.

If friends are expected to visit, their presents are not usually hidden, but are sent home with them.
Night Time
Festivals occur all throughout cities and villages on Iþivalia once the early night comes. As the Nightsun sets, thousands across the Empire will attend various festivals held in their cities and villages. In the largest cities, such as Iþivis, the most popular festivals are thrown by collaborating businesses, especially in districts like the Nightsun Neighborhood. It's especially common for local breweries and restaurants to cater these festivals.
The most famous festival is aptly named Iþivalia, hosted by the royal family and Jupiter himself at the castle in Iþivis. Jupiter takes pride in its extravagance and wide availability, encouraging citizens from all social classes to accept their invitation and mingle as they please. Every year, invitations are sent out to exactly half of the citizens of the capital, no matter their social standing, and the selection process is believed to be totally randomized.

The entirety of the castle's foregrounds are utilized in this festival, and while most of the castle is still restricted from public access, its grand entrance hall allows guests to move into the central courtyard, where the Emperor will usually make his appearances.

Every seven years, Jupiter celebrates an Iþivalia Arlasa. The festivities are largely the same, but also in attendance are the twelve other Celestial Dragons. These events often garner more attendance from the public in order to witness these deities, though it is never guaranteed which can be sighted or interacted with. Jupiter is the exception, however, as he revels in interacting with his subjects.
Celebrated by...
Citizens of the Celestial Empire
Date of Celebration
Every 26th of Neivur
Next Celebration
26th of Nereivur, 1883 TC

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