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The Celestial Dragons

Written by UmbralGoat

We are not so different from mortals, [Son]...No matter our lifespans, we all share this world.
— Saturn

  The Celestials form the pantheon of the predominant religious following of Vernelis. With Ancient Dragons extinct in the modern day, the Celestials are seen as the "reincarnations" of those old divine beings. They are worshiped throughout much of the world, but the majority of their influence spreads over the Northern hemisphere of Vernelis.

Much of their worship is comprised of Fælen and Kobolds; Human worshipers are rare, as they primarily inhabit the Southern regions of the world, but they do exist in certain Fælen cities and kingdoms.

They reside in a few different continents, particularly Syrenia and Sethirom, but the country of Kovura is where they are most popularly sighted.


There are thirteen main members of the Celestial family split into three unofficial tiers:

  • The Court is comprised of the most powerful (some may say pure) Celestials.
  • The Children are the eldest children of Jupiter, and are some of the most popular of the pantheon.
  • The Minor Celestials are some of the youngest, least powerful deities.

  • Reproduction & Genetics

    Celestial Dragons are capable of reproduction with mortals and with other Celestials. Like Fælen, offspring will physically look very similar to one of their parents, with other minor traits inherited from the other parent.

    However, Celestial offspring are very rarely Celestial Dragons. They will most often inherit dominant traits of the other parent, with few traits inherited from the Celestial.


    Saturn, the Lord of Time, created all draconic life on Vernelis before he even took a physical form. In these ancient times, he ruled in balance with a similar deity of chaos, named Hesþilis, who sought pleasure in his own domain and overstepped boundries simply to cause as much destruction as he pleased. For eons, this continued, until finally, Saturn fought back.

    After defeating Hesþilis- embodying Order itself and swearing to the protection of all mortality- Saturn created the Celestials in the image of the Ancients in order to carry on their legacy.
    Geographic Distribution
    Northern Hemisphere
    Highly sapient
    Average Height
    Varies greatly
    Average Weight
    Varies greatly

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