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The Touched

The Touched are Humans with magical abilities. Their powers come from the Saviour. It is said that the first Touched were created by the Saviour at the time of the Falling. Today, most of the Touched serve the Church of the Saviour as the High Bishop's bodyguards and agents.

Becoming Touched

For a common person, the process of becoming Touched is shrouded in mystery. Some people claim that it is hereditary. Others say that the Touched are created by the High Bishop through whom the Saviour acts and speaks. In reality, both those claims are true. Once every 5 years, the High Bishop organizes a ceremony during which novices become Touched. However, the High Bishop doesn't even lay a hand on the novices. They enter a chamber that is said to be the tomb of the Saviour's material body. Through the contact with the body novices are granted power from the Saviour.

When a Touched has a child, there is a possibility that the child would inherit the powers. However, the factors governing the inheritance of these traits can't be determined.


Most of the Touched serve the Church of the Saviour, the only organization in the world capable of creating new Touched. Any Touched outside the Church's service are considered rogue.

The Church

The Touched who serve the Church belong to an organization known as the Order of the Touched.


Novices are people who are preparing themselves to become the Touched. Anyone can become a novice. However, in most cases young people, around 18 years old, are the ones who begin their noviceship. New people are accepted into it only once every 5 years. The reason for this is that the noviceship lasts for 5 years and ends with the ceremony during which a novice becomes a Touched.


Regulars are the biggest group of the Touched. Every novice becomes a Regular after their ceremony. They serve as bodyguards and field agents.


Councilors are a group of the Touched who are the closest to the High Bishop. They can also serve as the Church's diplomats.


Master is the leader of the Touched serving the Church. They are always one of the Councilors.

Rogue Touched

Touched who don't serve the Church are rare, but they exist. Most of them are people who inherited the powers from their parents and didn't want to serve the Church. Offcially, there are no Touched who left the service. Most of the Touched not in service are retired because of old age.

Genetic Ancestor(s)
Form of Address
Honourable, Sir/Madam, Touched
Notable Touched
Ramona Pohl


  • Increased strength
  • Increased lifespan
  • Bolt of Light
  • Teleportation

Apart from those powers, which are innate, the Touched have many spells not limited to divine magic.

You won't believe what I saw at the inn! A Touched! A Touched came to our little town!
— A man excited after seeing a Touched

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