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The Winds Grace

The Winds Grace is the massive ten masted flagship of The Avariel Skynavy. Said to be the ship that inspired all other Airships within Koria, it is also known as 'The Fortress That Moves', and it holds up to the title, being the largest ship in the entire aerofleet both in weight and length. It is crewed by six hundred elite trained Avariel Warrior Caste crewmen, and can hold all of their equipment, double replacements worth of gear for each crewman, provisions enough to last a six month journey, and accomidate an additional four hundred guest passengers along with all their belongings.   The ship is held aloft using Air Elemental Infusion. Four massive Air Elementals are contained within the ship, one in each corner, and their combined strength keeps the ship held aloft. A smaller crew of twelve mages work around the clock in ten hour shifts to keep the bindings secure, and to help guide the ship along using magically enhanced wind. The ship also has thirty six sails to aid in the propulsion during standard cruising patrols. Of these six are placed on either side of the vessel, and can move mechanically in a gentle flapping, almost wing-like manner. The hull is made entirely out of wood and steel, but decorated with elegant stained glass mosaics along its length, with the ramming keel shaped to resemble the head of a bird of prey.    


  When the Avariel first came to the Material Plane of Vel'Kora, they rode through expecting great conflict with the Archomental Yan-C-Bin. As such, they sent the Winds Grace through the Gate of Air first. To their surprise, they found not an elemental army awaiting them, but the scared and awed people of Kordairia, whose fear quickly turned to joy after realizing that the massive floating ship above them was not hostile, and was instead bent on their protection. The Winds Grace, with the strength of the entire Avariel Skynavy behind it, was instrumental in protecting the Tundra of Winds from much of the fighting that took place during the Planar War, earning the Avariel an eternal place of residence within the walls of Kordairia, as well as giving them total domination over the skies of the Tundra. Today, The Winds Grace can be found patrolling around the city of Kordairia, if not with the main fleet hunting Sky Pirate armadas, the light glistening off the stained glass in its keel sending a cascade of colors to shine down upon the city it protects below.


Wind sails for wind, four trapped Air Elementals to keep the ship held aloft with a twelve man mage crew to keep the bindings held.

Weapons & Armament

Two hundred and eighty cannons, a bow made of thick plated steel for ramming.

Armor and defense

The hull of the ship is said to be five feet thick of harden wood with steel strap bindings. the mage crew aboard can cover a majority of the deck with protective shields should the need arise.
The Fortress That Moves
Grace from above, fear for below.
Owning Organization
One in existance.
Two hundred feet.
Six hundred feet.
Two hundred feet.
two hundred and sixty tons.
24 mi/h cruising speed, 42 mi/h max speed.
Complement / Crew
Six hundred.
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
Four hundred (on top of the crew members), carrying weight of one hundred eighty tons.


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