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Student Counsil


Directly after the Red Tempest Academy became a high school, Headmaster Dadrick Ventila started the student counsel, he gave them control over the student affairs. He thought that his students the learned to make important decisions, also by seeing what it could do in a close community.  


The Student council has the duty to decide about student affairs, like rules and changes. Also are they responsible for order and safety.   The student council comes together every Sunday at 16:00 PM, in a special room in the library. It is revered as the cage of glass.  


If a student transgress a rule, the student counsel comes together. To decide the punishment for the student. If a punishment is decided the student council need to inform the Council and the headmaster. If the student is from the student council, that member will not be present during the meeting. If a few members found themself to close to the student they are permitted to stay away.   This meeting can take place at every tome of the week. After the classes are ended.  


As members of the Student council we have sworn to protect the students of this school.
— Axel-Lucas Barnier
There are 10 members in the student counsel.   One of the students is the Chairman. He or she is responsible for the whole council. Also, if there is a new student the Chairman needs to welcome the new student. The Chairman can go in and out of divergent dorms without permission.   There is also the vice Chairman, how shares the responsibilities of the Chairman. He or she planes the extra meetings.   The other 8 members have smaller roles.  


The Student council is responsible for the LGBTQ+ Protocol  

The Council

The Council is the adult version of the student council. They are taking the big decisions like suspending a student. Also have a final say in some major changes. Like the LGBTQ+ Protocol. Alto some members didn't wanted the protocol.   The adult Council also needed to run things by the Headmaster. But that goes both ways.  
I don't need to run everything by the council. I do it most of the time, not always.
— Headmaster Vance Dracul
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