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Red Tempest Academy

Red is our blood, black is our knowledge.
— Count Dadrick Ventila


Count Dadrick Ventila, a vampire of a noble family, founded this school for the young souls deprived of educational coexistence. He could no longer take it, especially when he became a father himself and his only son had no safe place to learn and grow. Red Tempest Academy is the first night school for the children of the night and has a great reputation for it.  

From just a school until a high school:

It just started as a school for all ages, but after the success more schools popped up. Red Tempest Academy became a high school.  

The groups:

Groups are freshmen, sophomores, junior and senior.  


The students are graduating from one grade to another at the end of the school year, at the beginning of summer. The Seniors begin with their graduating projects at the beginning of their senior school year, at the beginning of autumn. At the end of the year there is a big presentation that the students need to preform for history about the First war. The grade from that presentation determines half their graduating score.  

Why it is called the Red Tempest Academy:

The Red Tempest Academy is from the Red Tempest sea. Famous for its red beaches and water.  

Special features of the school:

The old Gothic building looks from the outside just as an old mansion, because it was an old mansion. The iron fence that surrounds the perimeter keeps the students inside and unwanted visitors outside. The gate only opens when there is a new student or a student with permission leaves the grounds.  


Located just at the entrance of the school, the library is well-equipped with books and computers for students to learn on a closed network. It also has several doors to the classrooms where math and Pisoen are taught. The library has a librarian, Mr. Cleon Crypto. He has a small office at the beginning of the room, in his office hangs a portrait of Count Dadrick Ventila.  

Headmaster Office:

It was originally the office of Count Dadrick Ventila, but he passed it on to his successor. None of the students knows what it looks like on the inside, because the Headmaster comes to the student when there is trouble. The teachers also don't know what it looks like until they get a promotion. The role of headmaster is for life. The position is for males and females.  


The men's dorms and women's dorms are located in separate buildings, each on the other side of the site. Each student has their own bedroom, and a shared bathroom on each floor. There are special bathrooms for Transgender students. (LGBTQ+ Protocol) The rooms have a bed, a desk and wardrobe. Each student has the freedom to furnish their rooms according to their own taste, as long as the floor and the color on the wall remain intact. There is a communal area on the first floor, where the students can throw parties or study.   Teachers have their own dorm that is located between the boys 'and girls' dorms. The only difference is that these rooms have their own bathroom.  
I have 222 vampire students in my care. Velika Lazar you are my first human student.
— Headmeaster Vance Dracul

Lessons :

  • Music
  • Science
  • History
  • Physical education
  • Math
  • Pisoen (an old language)




Both boys and girls have a white t-shirt, with a royal blue jacket with blood-red accents. The school logo is on the right lapel. The ladies have the choice between a skirt and pants. The gentlemen can only wear a skirt with special permission. The rules for this can be found in the LGBTQ + Protocol.   The skirt and pants comes with white socks, which are mandatory to wear underneath. The shoes are made of black leather. Bags can be determined by the students themselves, accessories are also allowed.   The students have to wear these uniforms at all times when they set foot outside the dorms, there are exceptions to this rule. But you can read those in the rules

LGBTQ+ Protocol:

Everyone has to be who he / she wants to be. Teachers are extra focused on everyone's safety.   This mainly refers to sex between the students, of whatever group. If a man or woman confesses that they are transgender, they are transferred to the other dorm. But with one of the teachers in a room next too it, so they can keep the student who goes through those changes feeling safe. When the student and teacher agrees together, the teachers goes back to their own room.   For the clothing regulations, it is possible for the girls to exchange the skirt with pants.  
Thanks to the student council, there has also been a special arrangement that allows boys especially in the trans section to wear skirts.
    Queer students:
Unfortunately there are only three dorms, for the safety of the students, the external features are still looked at. Students are allowed to comment on this, but we are looking to improve it. Perhaps with an extension of the teachers' dorm.
Red Tempest Academy Crest
  • Boys and girls are not allowed to enter each other's dorms, unless the school gives permission.
  • Sex is allowed in school, teachers give contraception to the students.
  • Students may only miss classes with the permission of a teacher.
  • By seven in the morning, the students must be in their own dorms.
  • Breakfast is standard between 6:00 PM and 7:00 PM, if you oversleep then you're out of luck. For the menu check the  Cafetaria menu.
  • Classes may only be left with the permission of the teacher.
  • No student or teacher may enter the headmaster's office.
  • Students must wear a school uniform outside their dorms, the only exceptions are during holidays or during a school party.
  • Students must be on time for classes, otherwise it is up to the teacher to let them in or refer them to the library.
  • Parties may be held in the dorms, but the parties must be specified in advance.
Punishment are determent by the Student Counsil

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