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There are many who wanted this title, until they get it.
— Headmaster Vance Dracul


The first Holder of this title was Dadrick Ventila, however, he never wanted to be addressed by it. After his death, his son took up the mantle. It was Derick Ventila who made it a job for life.  

To get this job:

It will be given to one of the teachers. It is a position for males and females. Only females turn the promotion down most of the time. That is why if you look at the history, you see more male names. When the old Headmaster is close to death he or she will pick the next one. The only exception to the rule is when a headmaster dies suddenly, then a teacher can volunteer. If there is more than one volunteer, they be an election held by the rest of the staff and adult council.  


It is the duty of the Headmaster to keep the students safe and to act like a 'normal' school. So the humans don't suspect there is anything different.   He / She need also keep a healthy relationship with the other schools. Like with universities (vampire and humans) and middle schools for new students.   Also, he/she will keep a close eye on the Student Counsil when they make a decision on a punishment, they need to run it by the headmaster first.   If a teacher is sick or can't preform his/ hers duty, the headmaster will take it over.   The Headmaster is also required to keep track of the grades of all the students enrolled.  


The office of the Headmaster is off limits for students and staff. It is located on the second floor in the main building. On the right hand when you enter the building is a stair that leads to the office. The office is furnished with one old desk, a chair, and a bench. There is also a door to a bedchamber, for the headmaster to sleep in.  

Ghost of the Office:

It is rumored that Dadrick still walks around in his old office.  
I'm not afraid that I will do something that would hurt the school. If I did that, the Count will let me know. So when he didn't show himself at the time that I took Velika on, knew he agreed with me.
— Headmaster Vance Dracul


Alto the Headmaster is not a member of the adult council, he or she is bound to be there is a meeting. The adult council makes the big desicions.
The council, can make as many desicions as they like. It is to the Headmaster to emply it, or to ingnore.
— Headmaster from the past.

Notable Holders

  • Dadrick Ventila
  • Derick Ventila¬†
  • Vance Dracul
  • Julia Redfang
Academic, Professional
Form of Address
Length of Term
for life
First Holder
Related Locations

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