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Galakrond Kor'thrall


Galakrond Illidan Kor'thrall (a.k.a. Gala)


Gala was born in to the Kor'thrall family. He is the son of Driana Kor'thrall. His mother had a short relationship with another vampire and got pregnant, only when she told her boyfriend, he left her. Gala's grandparents didn't agree with their daughter but took on the less care of their grandson. He always wondered who his father was. He meet him ones before he went to the Red Tempest Academy, only it was not a meeting he wants to remember.    

Family symbol

The symbol of the Kor'thrall family is a Celtic Knotted Dragon  

Favorite lesson

Gala doesn't really have a favorite lesson. They are not exciting to him.  

Unofficial Club

Gala is part of the Wiccan club. Although it is not an official club, the school does allow their meetings.  

Dorm Room

Gala's desk is covered with books of occult and some Witch handbooks. He put a green rope-light up on the door frame and doesn't turn on the main light unless needed. His long black leather trench, embroidered with gems, is hanging on a hook on his door.   In the corner, closest to his bed, he has a drum-kit that he seldom uses. He keeps a hamper of dirty clothes and a pile of clean clothes on the floor. He has drawings of fantasy creatures, mostly dragons, in his desk drawer. Gala rebuilt his wardrobe into a terrarium where he keeps his water banded snake.

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

Gala got piercings in his ear and in his left eyebrow. He is seldom seen without his black leather briefcase.

Mental characteristics


Gala studies at the Red Tempest Academy, in the junior year.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Rebuilding his wardrobe into a terrarium.

Personality Characteristics

Likes & Dislikes

  • Loves: His water banded snake
  • Likes: Drawing fantasy creatures
  • Dislikes: School lessons
  • Hates: Bright colors


Gala showers often, but his laundry is less taking care off. So deodorant is his best friend.


Hobbies & Pets

Gala has a water banded snake and he likes drawing fantasy creatures.


Gala's speech is rushed.
Hero Forge
Current Location
Date of Birth
24 July
Year of Birth
1984 16 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Unexpected, but Wanted
Current Residence
Red Tempest Academy
Biological Sex
Emerald Green
Long black shaving on one side with red tips.
Skin Tone
Pale White
1.70 meter
67 kilogram
Quotes & Catchphrases
Need I?
— Gala
Known Languages
Common and some few words in Pisoen
Character Prototype

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24 Dec, 2020 10:34

I like how you are incorporating what are likely the genuine flaws of the people you are basing these on. It makes them very believable. :D

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