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Wild Blood

by hughpierre


Blood Market

This is a practice of breeding closely related species with the intention of producing specific aesthetic qualities and behaviours. It is more often-than-not, an entertaining hobby for the very richest, who have sufficient free time to breed wild appearances into domestic or tamed animals at exorbitant prices.

Components and tools

Wild Life

The term 'wild blood' mostly refers to the designer cats that make up the bulk of the market that are mated with their wild counter parts. But there are also:
  • War dogs mixed with wolves and coyotes to attack the first ranks of an enemy
  • Docile does trained to freely interact with humans as a feature of rich people gardens
  • Several assortments of large birds reserved for carrying practical paroles by military need

Domesticated Animals

What marks a mammalian wild blood are the dark tears that surround their eyes or being larger than normal animals. War birds also have this genetic marker but it is far harder to tell if a bird is wild blooded.



Taulli wranglers and Nidae dealers are often the lower drudges who do the more labour intensive tasks of catching and, sometimes, breeding out the more aggressive tendencies of their natural product.


Pipiltin and Toiks experimenters compete against one another for the prestige of the most exotic looking creature to either show off in court or to sell for exurbanite prices.

Alternate Name
Wildlife Trade
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Profession | Nov 11, 2021

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