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'Ghosting' refers to the purposeful out-of-body experience where the castor is then able to remote view the happenings of events far away. The best ghosts are able to manipulate objects in the physical realm to sow discord and sabotage rival plans.

Side/Secondary Effects

The ideal, true, master of this particular spell is able to project themselves instantaneously many times. Such a master can do so while fighting and to continue to intact with the physical world as they do so, while their ghost gets up to some trickery that hampers the enemy.

Short Distance

  These masters know to do this at only short distances as there is a greater compulsion for the castor's body to tire abnormally quickly.

Long Distance

  When used though great distances, as it was initially intended, the body can rest as it is inclined to. A risky prospect in an unsecured location.
Incident Report
    On a day of Reeds and beginning of the Crocodile, one of our own reported a bestial encounter while in astral form. Unlike previous reports; this one tried to attack our agent, apparently trying to force him into the water. The agent broke his restful state and reawakened back in his body. Such water creatures have been observed from a distance before, so it is currently unknown if there is proper cause for worry as this is the only attack thus far.


The astral projection is invisible to the human eye. However, it is possible to notice a human shaped outline in areas that have higher than average salt content in the air that the 'ghost' is travelling, such as in Mist or the Brine Marshes during a salt storm.

Related Organizations
Material Components
No measure of salt is really needed. Only many years of practice in the art and natural talent in casting salt spells are necessary.
Gestures & Ritual
Only through a subconscious concentration is it manageable.   Those skilled enough to make their first attempt might enter a lengthy state of 'rest' and remain in that state.
Related Discipline
Iztanamacaque of the Alignment
Related School
Salt School
Related Element
Effect Duration
For as long as the caster can maintain his/her concentration
Effect Casting Time
It takes about as long as the caster can enter into the proper meditiative state. That can either take time or be instant.
Potentially unlimited
Applied Restriction
It is exceedingly difficult for the ghost to move underwater or through some other medium that dissolves or deprives salt, even though no salt is needed in the spell itself.

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Cover image: Astral Projection


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