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Once the richest and grandest of all Dwarven cities, Auricheim has stood a ruin for over 2000 years. Located near to the centre of the region now known as The Auric Wastes - a region warped and blasted by wild and uncontrolled magical energies - it is likely that the city was first abandoned during the original magical catastrophe which created the Wastes themselves, during the era known as the Age of Arcane Might.   So named for the legendarily rich deposits of gold upon which the city was built, Auricheim, by all surviving accounts, was a bustling metropolis, on the level of modern-day Valliné, Laranna and Steinstad, home to hundreds of thousands of Dwarves.   There have been many attempts to reoccupy the city over the millenia, and claim its abandoned riches and resources. Each has ultimately ended in failure. Most recently, the city was occupied during The Demon War by the forces of Arch-Demon Val'Gorath, and served as his central lair on the Prime Material Plane. Immune to the dangerous magical forces of the Wastes, by dint of his demonic nature, Val'Gorath envisioned ruling over an expansive demonic kingdom centred on Auricheim. His plans were put to an end however, as he was defeated and banished by the valiant actions of Crown Prince Aegic Enarren and his band of heroes, during The Battle of Auricheim.   The city has lain abandoned once again, ever since.

715 AoAM (-926 AoU)

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