The Wailing Cavern

Named after the cries of despair that come from the slave markets of Sabratha, the Wailing Cavern is a large open area in the Underdark that has been settled by the Shadow Elves of the Kin of Sabratha, and most of the floor surface of the cavern is taken up by the city of Sabratha itself.


The Wailing Cavern is characterised by its roughly rectangular shape, and its relatively straight stone walls, especially around the area of the city of Sabratha, where the walls have been artificially flattened during the construction of the city. The ceiling of the cavern slopes down, with the south western ceiling of the cavern being substantially lower than the rest of the area. The cavern is cut through by a fast flowing river that emerges in the north east corner of the cavern, falls as a waterfall down to the cavern’s floor and then flows in a deep channel towards the south western portion of the cavern.
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Cover image: by Chris Pyrah


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