Bleak Hollow

A low-ceilinged, dank cave in the Underdark, Bleak Hollow has found notoriety thanks to its use by the Kin of Sabratha as the location of a semi-permanent slave market. As it lies on one of the direct routes through the Underdark to the city of Sabratha, Bleak Hollow is the perfect location for the Kin to engage with customers who have yet to win their confidence and who have not spent enough money on their slaves, or are not regular enough customers to be invited down to the much larger slave markets of Sabratha itself, where the highest quality wares are sold by the Shadow Elves.


Bleak Hollow itself is a large open space, with a low jagged ceiling that is little more than 12-14ft in height, and is much lower at its edges. A large, icy cold river snakes through the cave, entering as a waterfall in the top of the eastern wall and exiting into a downward sloping tunnel that it entirely fills width wise to the southwest. A large pit, about 10ft deep has been excavated into the rock of the floor of the Hollow, around which the slave market is based. The Hollow has three tunnels exiting it, not including the two tunnels through which the river flows. The whole area of the slave market is lit by floating, magical balls of light that give off a white-greenish hue.   The large pit in the centre of Bleak Hollow is clearly not natural, as it has a level bottom and sides that are at an angle of around 90 degrees. The pit is lined at its top by a low stone wall, about three feet in height, and has two wooden walkways spanning it in a cross shape where guards can patrol above. The pit is used by the Kin of Sabratha as a holding pit for slaves waiting to be sold at auction Slave holding pit and access to it is provided via a set of steps carved down into the eastern side of the pit, which are protected by a solid metal gate and railings. The rest of the Slave market in Bleak Hollow has been established around the slave pit including an inspection area, processing and holding area and areas where an administration tent and tents for the Shadow Elf guards and staff to live and rest in whilst the market is operating. The northern area of Bleak Hollow has been left almost entirely empty of infrastructure, save for a long, low, rectangular stone platform, raised about 4ft off the ground with stone steps leading up it on both of its short sides. This pedestal is where the auctioning of slaves is carried out, and during an auction the open area in front is packed with people looking to bid on the poor unfortunates that are made to walk across it.
Location under
The Underdark
Matriarch Jezebel
Owning Organization
The Kin of Sabratha
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Cover image: by Chris Pyrah


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