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Shadow Elves

Shadow Elves were once normal Elves that preferred to live in mountainous areas, and loved to explore the interiors of their craggy homes, and grew adept at caving and exploration of the deep places of the world. However, their underground adventuring brought them into contact with a corrupting force that is all but unknown to dwellers on the surface of Ulskandar.   This force twisted and warped these Elves into the capricious and cruel Shadow Elves that lust for wealth and power, and have now almost entirely shunned the world of the surface as they attempt to bring dominance to the Underdark below.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Example Shadow Elf names for Females:
  • Arashtibal
  • Birkana
  • Baalat
  • Astarte
  • Tanythe
  • Bisha
  • Amma
  • Jezebele

Masculine names

Example Shadow Elf names for Males:
  • Hannibal
  • Ugarit
  • Sikarbaal
  • Yarikh
  • Adon
  • Baltsar
  • Bedezorus
  • Melqartpilles

Other names

Shadow Elves are also referred to as Dark Elves or Drow, by the other sapient species in Ulskandar.


Shared customary codes and values

All Shadow Elves share the same disdain for any who are not fortunate enough to be Shadow Elves themselves. This includes those who live on the surface of Ulskandar and those who dwell with them in the Underdark. For the Shadow Elves all other sapient species in Ulskandar are there to be used as slaves and should be viewed as nothing more.   The only exception to this appears to be the various types of Devils that occasionally break into the material plane of Ulskandar. Shadow Elves show them a great deal of respect, which might indicate that the force that corrupted them in the first place was itself a Devil of sorts.   Shadow Elves have a very stringent code of honour that is predominately based on showing themselves to be as strong and skilled as possible. This means that a Shadow Elf will very rarely back down from a direct challenge, especially a challenge to single combat, for fear of being perceived by their fellows as a coward and being shunned by their community.
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