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Elves are on the whole more elusive than their Human cousins, mostly due to the fact that many of them instinctively look down upon creatures whose average lifespans are lesser than their own. On the whole, however, Elves are to be found across Ulskandar, though some of them actively choose to shun contact with other sapient races, and maintain their own communities away from the prying eyes of others. It is also not unknown for Elves to live in their own semi-autonomous regions within other nations, such as the province of Älvasholm in Kjörnsholm. Despite the overt xenophobic insular Elven communities can have, the nations within which they sit are on the whole happy to cater to the whims of the Elves in their territory, as these communities hold a wealth of knowledge and wisdom stored up over their long lifetimes.   Elves that choose to live in exclusively Elven communities or provinces refer to themselves as High Elves, whereas Elves that choose to live in more rural areas in contact with other species are often colloquially referred to as Wood Elves by those they live near. So-called Wood Elves tend to encourage the use of this name, and take pride in referring to themselves by it, as it demarcates them from the more haughty, insular High Elves.

Basic Information

Growth Rate & Stages

On the whole, Elves, like Humans are considered to have reached maturity between the ages of 16-20, however, amongst those communities of Elves that shun regular contact with other species, young Elves might not be considered to have reached maturity until after their first century.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Elves can be found across Ulskandar living with other species, but also in more insular communities that are predominantly Elven demographically.
Average Height
Related Ethnicities

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