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The Eismeer

The frigid waters of the Eismeer have long been regarded with deep respect by the peoples that live along its adjoining coastline across Ulskandar. Although its ice dotted waters can provide great bounty, its churning waves and perilously cold waters can claim the lives of ships and men alike in the blink of an eye.


The area of the Eismeer is considered to wrap around the whole north of Ulskandar’ northern polar ice-sheet and skirts the northern coasts of the continents of Turoza, Tafran and Amfris. In Turoza, the Eismeer’s coastline is shared by the Kingdom of Kjörnsholm and the Mountain Principalities, to the permanent ice sheet that lies over the northern pole of Ulskandar. During the summer months it is possible to navigate the Eismeer and sail all around the northern coast of Turoza, but during the winter months it is deemed to be impossible as extra ice spreads from the northern ice sheet and often joins up with the landmass at the far north of Kjörnsholm, and occasionally areas of the Mountain Principalities such as the Barony of Tersill and the Principality of Rheinnacht.   The Eismeer is considered to be one of the roughest and stormiest areas of open saltwater in the whole of Ulskandar, meaning that only the boldest, or foolhardiest of sailors attempt to travel far along the coast of the Eismeer, except for in the height of summer. Even the Hobgoblins of Korinthos, with their Ocean-going Vessels are known to be reticent about travelling through such rough waters, and they are considered to be the experts in ocean-going transport. Even if a ship is wrecked within sight of the shore in the Eismeer, fatality rates will always be high amongst the crew, as the Eismeer is peppered with strong currents and even whirlpools, that can quickly suck even the strongest of swimmers down to a watery grave.

Fauna & Flora

Despite the permanent near-freezing temperature of the water, the many storms that rock its waves and the drifts of sea ice and icebergs, there is still life in the Eismeer, and abundant life at that. The coastal waters in the north of Turoza and the waters around the permanent ice-sheet at the world’s northern tip support large colonies of seals and walruses, and the waters of the Eismeer frequently play host to pods of whales that have adapted to living in the frigid waters. All of these larger predators are sustained by the large stocks of fish such as cod, haddock and char that positively thrive in the cold, northern waters. Both the fish and the mammals present in Eismeer and its coastline provide food and crafting materials for the peoples of the northern Kjörnsholm and the northern Mountain Principalities, who hunt them for sustenance and trade purposes.

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