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Although they are genetically related to other goblinoids, such as Goblins and Bugbears, Hobgoblins do not appear to be native to the continent of Turoza, but instead claim to have originated on the eastern continent of Tafran. This claim is backed up by the fact that few, if any natives of Turoza had encountered a Hobgoblin, other than through waterborne raiding parties, until the Great Settlement Fleet under the command of Aristarchos the Grim landed in the south of the Mountain Principalities and annexed the area now know as Korinthos.   For the most part, Hobgoblins tend to keep themselves to themselves, with other species only encountering them in great numbers if they are unfortunate enough to encounter a Hobgoblin Legion on the march. In Turoza, the only Hobgoblins that are sanctioned to travel abroad from Korinthos are agents or diplomats. There are a very small number of Hobgoblin defectors from the regime in Korinthos, though they tend to avoid areas of civilisation, as they know they are prime targets for Korinthian assassins.

Basic Information

Growth Rate & Stages

Hobgoblins raised in Korinthos, as the majority residing in Turoza are, begin formal military training at the age of 12, and are considered adults under Korinthian law from that point on.
70-80 years
Average Height

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