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The Swamplands

South of the Wastelands, the swamplands is the south most land in the west of Turien, populated by Snake-kin and Frog-kin. The environment is quite wet, and has various poison wells so only those Beast-kin and Nymph that can magically mitigate poison within themselves can live here.   "Such is the way of the Swamp," is an unofficial nod to the background happenings of the Swamplands. As there is much camouflage and poisons (assassin and subterfuge ready) they all know not to question each other when they meet in 'the background'.    Matthew (a student in the All-Races Classroom) and Milty Splinters (his sister and Hero party member) grew up in the Swamplands. Charlise (a student in the All-Races Classroom) and her brothers, including Jim Tipperwater (another member of the Hero's party) also were born here, thugh their family have often moved according to The Council of Turien's wishes.

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