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Elves generally live in the Elven Kingdom if they are Forest Elves and in Dark Elf City if they are Dark Elves. Both sub-races are taller than a human, with a clustered variety of skin tones. They have pointy ears and use magic relating to the earth. Their stone purification magic is used to build their buildings.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Mary, Tersy, Quin-Abria, Gami, Bettie, Tish

Masculine names

Callum, Reagan, Ben, Gregor, Joel, Kami, Lucas, Tinnow, Harken, Loyce, Taegrin

Unisex names


Family names

Asture, D'kin, King, Wunder, Unders, Vahniferadii, Mish
2000-year average (Forest Elves), 1900-year average (Dark Elves)
Diverged ethnicities
Encompassed species
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