The Chauken are a tribe of the Germanen, living in the Chaukenlande between the rivers Weser to the east and the Ems to the west.
Contrary to most other Germanic tribes of the current time, the Chauken are no nomads. They have found the lands between Weser and Ems to be very fertile and have learned to deal with the occasional twice-monthly flooding by living on Warften.
Originating from further east between Weser and the river Elbe, the Chauken recently migrated to the west, partially expelled by the Langobarden. Although being rather peaceful, they pushed some tribes of the Ampsivaren further south, when they went to confront the dreaed Isanmannen.
After the events that got to be called Wotan's Call, the Chauken believe themselves to be chosen warriors for the Gods against the upcoming fights in Ragnarök. Their smiths have quickly learned how to use the new magic of runes, enabling them to stay protected from the evil influences that befell the surrounding tribes.

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