Ten years after the events of Wotan's Call

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Ragnarök has come for the settlement of Troumwarft! One peaceful day nearly twenty moons ago a sudden and bright light blinded all men, women, and children - and changed their world forever! Were they just normal Chauken before, now some of them have changed, became different creatures - and magic seemed to have been given to men.
Surely the Asen were about to collect them for the final fight with the Giants! The newly created Wuelfen , encouraged by their strength and lust to fight, prepared everybody for the mighty battle. But no one came.
Instead, the world of Chauken goes on as before, but not quite. The world out there has changed and creatures from the legends have started to emerge. Add to this spread of magic the threat of the imposing Isanmannen from the south, the cunning Friesen in the West and the agressive Langobards in the east - and the settlement of Troumwarft is indeed a cursed or enchanted village - the Tovedorp.