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Commonly thought of as kind, boring, and great cooks, which isn't wrong, but nowhere close to the full truth. Roughly half the halflings are like that but the other half which serve as the army are wild, crazed, quick fighters. Considered the fastest army of the common races with the exception of the Alderin Wood elves, they excel at quick skirmishes. Not to be underestimated they get along well with most races.

Basic Information

Genetics and Reproduction

With the exception of Orcs, halflings produce the fastest out of all the Common Races  . This has made them a powerful force in Tomeria due to being able to have a much larger population size living off of less resources than a comparable human population.

Ecology and Habitats

Halflings are a durable race and are known to be able to acclimate to nearly any weather. This has led them to being the dominate species in the Randurth Desert and Randurth Highlands and their area of influence extends all the way up the east coast into the Moldur Region.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Halflings pride themselves in being excellent cooks even while using the least amount of ingredients. This is due to having grown in lands where easy to come by food and plants is sparse. They are known for taking the extremes in edible animals and making it into a very sought after delicacy.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Halflings social structure is much more relaxed than many other races. Typically at a young age they choose a profession to become adept at and while that is their daily job for the rest of their life, there is no class structure or anything beyond the workers, the military, and then the traders that work with the outside world.   While there are 3 overarching classes there is no major competition between them and is simply a thing because that is who they are around the most.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Halflings are now found all over Tomeria especially in major cities such as Destus, High Moldur, and even as far as The Outpost. They are an agreeable people and typically enjoy finding the most beneficial way for everyone so they easily fit into wherever they are at.

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

Lightfoot Nation, Stouting Kingdom, Ghostwise Nation


The history for the is as long and tumoltous as Tomeria as it is largely believed they have been around as long as The Ancients and were one of the original inhabitants of
  .   Most notably though the halflings were known for their ferocity in the War of Endless Aggression  oftentimes using their quick speed to gain an advantage and blitz the enemy before they had a chance to properly prepare.
Genetic Descendants
Geographic Distribution


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