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To the best of my knowledge, I am among the first humans in living memory to walk amongst the Youlakei. I can see why - aside from my hosts, who have been remarkably kind, all I pass look on with barely concealed disgust. I imagine if I were to ever come back without a host, it would be the last trip I ever take.
— Lani Koshidan, Telziado Royal Historian, 372 AC
The Youlakei are a particularly vicious subgroup of the Kailkoseltii, themselves already notorious for their distaste for human company. They come from the south of Waal Zaimyatl, not far from its border with the The Vosti Empire.


Like all other Elves, the Kailkoseltii came to live in Abravost due to The Collision, which forced the human and elven planes to collide with each other, exchanging people and places. Already a culture with a reputation for aggression, they did not particularly enjoy the sudden oversight of The Vosti Empire over them, with the language barrier hindering things more.
Nevertheless, many were soon settled in and around the new city of Doryul, part of a larger colony which the Empire established in the east. They consistently chafed under imperial rule, coming from a world where they had ruled their own lands without challengers.
The discovery of a destroyed Kailkoseltii city off the north eastern coasts in 89 AC, and the subsequent refusal of the Empire to fund any expeditions or sort of repatriation for the Kailkoseltii was the final straw for many, resulting in devastating riots across the colony. While many who had taken part were captured, their anger spread, and this is widely considered the incident which caused a split within the Kailkoseltii, 'creating' the Youlakei.
The Youlakei were, like their kin, extremely furious about their treatment. Unlike some of their kin, they began training to be powerful warriors and stealing metals from the mines up river, becoming skilled craftsmen. They regularly came into conflict with imperial law, with each elf captured serving only to commit those who remained ever more to the cause. Their expertise came of great use after the colony seized independence as Waal Zaimyatl in 106 AC, with many Youlakei warriors personally slaying imperial officers and acting as the border vanguard when the Empire mounted an overland attempt to regain control, easily defending their positions.
Even once the Empire had conceded defeat, the Youlakei persisted in their dedication to combat, gaining a reputation for their aggression and hatred of humans. They would once again put this to use in the Vosti Civil War of 330-336 AC, where Waal Zaimyatl allied with the northern rebels. Rather to fight alongside humans, the Youlakei preferred to operate alone, attacking the border with the Empire and pushing it several kilometres west by wars end.


All Youlakei elves are expected to know their way around weaponry at a young age, either in a combat, tactical, or craft capacity, and will be made to prove their competence to prove that they are an adult. Those who fail are rarely given second chances, and will often be exiled.
While stories of elves duelling for the right to represent their constituency in the Waal Zaimyalkee parliament are overblown, they are not without merit. The leaders of Youlakei-majority villages are regularly chosen through combat, and candidates at state and federal elections will occasionally be as well. Some have noted this leaves out the craft and tactic minded citizens, but such individuals who wish to become local leaders are free to choose a champion to represent them in combat. These duels are extremely popular amongst locals, and have a reputation for being very entertaining.
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A Lost Home

The City Islands, as they are commonly known, are the ruins of the old Kailkoseltii capital, left scattered off the north eastern coasts. At the time it was found in 89 AC, it had long since been abandoned, and many dread to think of what happened to the poor elves who had once lived there.
This city is regularly celebrated and mourned in equal measure in Youlakei rituals, and it is customary for them to travel to the islands at least once on a pilgrimage to pray for their ancestors. Those who cannot travel are often brought back fragments of buildings on the island that they can use to the same effect.
the city islands
The City Islands by Isaac Thompson

A Human Scorned

When urban legends spread of Kailkoseltii elves murdering human travellers, they are usually referring to the Youlakei elves and their strong territorial tendencies. These stories still have little merit, as it is far more likely for a human to simply be verbally abused into leaving the area, and only attacked if they provoke Youlakei scouts.
This fact has done little to quell the rumours, and many a Vosti parent will threaten a naughty child with abandonment in the forests near Youlakei lands to convince them to behave.
misty forest
Forest Light by domeckopol

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