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Hunter Society

The Hunters started out as those who hunted the darkness - basically those species that were created during the The Great War. The indiscriminate killing was wreking havoc on the magic in Tilandrial, so much that it was even felt by (the second Arch of Ignus). He helped them to found an official organization with strict rules on who they were allowed to kill, and how often. The Hunters soon became a well-respected organization instead of just a loose coalition of people.


  1. Hunter on High: Leader of the Hunters
  2. Master Hunter: Allowed to hunt any creature on the list, and allowed to put a new creature on the list
  3. Hunter: Usually assigned hunts by Master Hunters or the Hunter on High.
  4. Acolytes: Not allowed to go on hunts unless accompanied by a Hunter or higher.
  5. New Recruit: Can only go on hunts with a Master Hunter or the Hunter on High.

Public Agenda

To protect humans from the scourges of vampires and lycanthropes.


After the Lord of Valcruth lost his son, he allowed the newly reformed Hunter organization the use of his giant mansion. The Ythal line still formally owns the house, but it is known the mansion truly belongs to the Hunters.


The society got its start in the years Septentrionalis was reopened. At first, they hunted only vampires, and at best they were a loosly organized coalition of humans, mainly those who knew someone killed by or turned into a vampire. In time, their hunting "grounds" grew to include the Caninus lycanthropes, who had a habit of feeding on humans as well. The hunters grew voracious, indiscriminately killing. There were even reports of some hunters who killed those who were not Caninus lycanthropes or vampires. The mass killings disrupted the flow of magic, the likes of which had not been seen since the Great War. (The Second Arch of Ignus) had to step in, and, with the help of Arch Ananda, forced the hunters to abdicate their positions entirely. This lasted for nearly 100 years, until the son of Lord Valcruth was killed by a werewolf. The Lord petitioned to have the Hunters reformed and allowed them the use of his mansion and vast resources. The Arch of Ignus acquiesced, but insisted on drawing up new laws. The Hunters officially refounded in 1061.

The Mark of The Hunter

Once a member reaches the level of Hunter, the back of their left hand is branded with an intricate tatoo. This tattoo is imbued with a special magic spell known only to the Hunter on High. If a Hunter is in a dire situation, they can call upon the magic in the tattoo to give them strength and magical ability far beyond what they could access on their own. The tattoo fades as the magic is used. Once the spell is activated, there is a time limit of 12 hours to use the magic contained in the tattoo. Once that time limit is over, and the tattoo has completely faded, the rush of power is gone.   The spell in the tattoo siphons of a tiny portion of the owner's own magical power to store in the tattoo every single day. It is such a small portion of energy that the owner has no knowledge it is gone. It is this energy that is called upon when the spell is activated. There is a limit to how much energy the tattoo ultimately takes from it's owner, so a creature that is long lived cannot infinitely store energy. After the spell is activated and the tattoo fades, there is a time period before the tattoo is visible again. Depending on the strength of the owner, this time period could be a couple of months to two years.   Since the tattoo is very unique, and creatures that are targeted by the Hunters know of it's existence, a common part of the Hunter uniform is a pair of black gloves.

For the Prosperity of Humans

Founding Date
Guild, Professional
Legislative Body
While the Hunters follow the laws set down by (Second Arch of Ignus), the Hunter on High does have the authority to add, change, or make provisions to the rules. They know, however, that should they ignore the laws set down originally, (Second Arch of Ignus) will disband them completely.
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Controlled Territories
Notable Members

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