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Although the general term for anyone who is part of the Hunter organization, Hunter is also a rank within the organization. It is the most numerous rank, and the highest for anyone with only partial control over their element can obtain. When hunting weaker creatures they can hunt on their own, but more often than not, they accompany Master Hunters or the Hunter on High.


Need to have passed the test at the end of your time as an Acolyte


All who attain this rank must be adept in at least one element of magic.


Most hunters are assigned to a new recruit to help get them acclimated to the society. This creates an older sibling/younger sibling kind of bond.


The Hunters do the more typical hunts of the society - killing lower level vampires that are put on the list or helping to protect a village who claims to be under attack by a monster.


Once a member attains the rank of Hunter, they are treated like lower level nobility in the city of Ythal. Even though their hunts bring in a lot of gold, Hunters rarely have to pay for anything in the city.

Source of Authority
Hunter on High
Length of Term
Held for life, unless they break one of the rules set down by Arch Ananda.
Reports directly to
Hunter on High
Related Locations
Related Organizations

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