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Creator god Cailleach (a.k.a. The veiled one, The storm hag, Queen of winter)

The Veiled One is a creator deity that shaped much of the known landscape; whether she did so intentionally remains unclear. Her tools of creation and destruction include her hammer, with which she is able to control storms and thunder. In some legends, she also controls a well that would occasionally overflow and flood the land.
  The Cailleach is neither fully good nor fully evil; her intentions vary from tale to tale. Through her association with storms and thunder, she is a natural and wild destructive force. Despite this, she also cares deeply for animals both wild and domestic during the dark winter months. She is the patron of wolves emboldened by winter hunger but she also serves as a deer herder.
  The Cailleach is both ageless and immortal. Although she looks like an old woman she does not need to be treated like one. Her typical crone-like appearance is a sharp contrast with her beautiful and soft younger (sworn)sister Brigid, who rules summer.
The seasonal division between summer and winter—where the Cailleach rules winter and Brigid rules summer—highlights the association of the two goddesses. On Samhain (October 31st) the Celtic year ends and winter begins, marking the return of the Cailleach.
  The Cailleach is also a goddess of grain, a key resource in surviving winter. The last sheath of grain harvested is dedicated to her and used to begin the next planting season. On top of all that she's also linked to sovereignty and rulership. Before anyone can rule the land, they will first go to her places of worship to garner her approval.
"The maidens rejoice

When May-day comes to them;

For me sorrow is meeter,

I am wretched, I am an old hag."

-Lament of the Hag of Beara”, trans. Lady Gregory

Divine Domains

Cailleach is the undisputed ruler of winter, as well as the god of storms, destruction and, in lesser measures, of wildlife and rullership.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Her symbol is, interestingly enough, A large stalk of grain standing upright in the snow. It symbolises that although she is a terrifying natural force, she's also the creator of this world.


On Samhain (Halloween) the last sheath of grain harvested is dedicated to the Queen of winter and it will be used to plant new crops in spring.
    Midwinter is the only holiday solely dedicated to Cailleach and is celebrated with a simple feast, often with wild game as the main course, and an entire night filled with singing, dancing and games. Most people won't go to bed until sunrise.
  Imbolc, February first, Is the day on which Cailleach will go out to collect firewood either as a big bird or as an old woman. If she's up early, the day will be sunny and winter will still last a while. On the other hand, if she oversleeps the day is grey and stormy and winter will soon be over. Mortals honour this day by burning art pieces made of wood and hay the evening before.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

The Cailleach primarily appears as an old hag. However, she is a shapeshifter and often transforms into a giant bird made of darkness and frost.

Facial Features

The Queen of winter has only one eye which is completely black with no white. Her teeth are blood red and her blue skin frankly makes her look like a vengeful evil spirit.

Identifying Characteristics

Cailleach's appearance is, to the mortal eye, close to that of the blue skinned Bheur hag or winter hag who are her far descendants. However, the Queen of winter is the only one with blood-red teeth and eyeballs like ink. A more reliable method from a safe distance is to observe an animals reaction. While animals do not fear the creator deity that has always taken the initiative to protect them, the beasts do instinctively fear the cruel Bheur hags.

Special abilities

Cailleach is said to be able to destroy and reshape the world in a day but she is bad at creating life from scratch and leaves that task to the other creator gods.

Apparel & Accessories

Cailleach is often dressed in a simple veil and adorned with different types of skulls.

Specialized Equipment

She carries around a hammer with which she controls wind and storms. It is also said that she controls a well that would sometimes overflow and flood parts of the mortal realm.


Family Ties

Cailleach is lovers with the trickster god Bodach with whom she has had many children. They have a mutually loving relationship and her lover is essential in helping her maintain a grasp on the fragility of life.
  A legend tells of how the Queen of winter, her lover and her children sought shelter with a normal family. Despite recognising the group and knowing the fearsome reputation the family granted them shelter. As a reward Cailleach turned the land of the entire valley into extremely fertile ground and told them it would remain like this as long as they'd put up stones to honour the divine family every year.



Little sister (Important)

Towards Cailleach




Big sister (Trivial)

Towards Brigid




lover (Trivial)

Towards Bodach




lover (Important)

Towards Cailleach




Bodach fell head over heels in love with Cailleach the moment he saw her and relentlessly courted her and showered her with gifts (mostly in the form of acorns and the like).
Cailleach thought the minor god's personality and affection were interesting and charming and eventually returned his affections.

Commonalities & Shared Interests

Both have a morbid sense of humour and a complete disregard for the rules if these rules inconvenience them.

Legal Status


The original article by Gregory Wright I used as the main source Here
Circumstances of Birth
Poof!!! Oh god, there's another God!
Bodach (lover)
Brigid (Little sister)
Biological Sex
black pools of ink (metafore)
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Deathly pale-blue
Character Prototype
Cailleach is neither good nor evil and although she is one of the creator gods who shaped most of the world, intentional or otherwise, she is not concerned with protecting it from so-called 'evil' beings as all living beings are essentially insignificant but interesting bugs in her eye.

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